Saturday, April 29, 2017

Guava and Lime

It's been a while since Séverine by Julian S. Kalinowski graced the pages of Dolldom. To make up for this absence, the beautiful and curvaceous woman of five hundred faces models a very special designer's work and a very first for her: Mode de M by Mark G. Harris.

Mode de M, known for its beautiful associations of colors, textiles, and vintage notions, has created a mouth-watering concoction for a OOAK (aren't they all?) white haired and pale-lipped Séverine. The ensemble, called "Guava and Lime" is meant to take Séverine from day to evening with just a few adjustments.

The charming and most loquacious Mr. Harris explains: "This chic cocktail ensemble is composed of a strapless silk taffeta sheath and lime green silk dupioni spencer jacket that is self-lined. The buttons are opaque glass embellishments from the 1930's."

"The dress has a built-in hip drape meant to visually flatter Séverine's lush hip proportions." - Mr. Harris adds. Dolldom could not appreciate this detail more, for it you have it, why not flaunt it? A silk pillbox and jewelry from the Barbie Fashion Model Collection and Séverine is ready to take on a day of important appointments. But what about evening?

A quick switch of the spencer jacket for a vintage recycled mink stole by Liz Retros and La Séverine is ready to scintillate all night long.

Dolldom thanks Mark G. Harris' Mode de M for sharing his talent with us. For more information on Mode de M, visit the boutique.

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