Friday, June 10, 2022


Vibrant, intense, saturated, alive. When selecting textiles for her designs, PJ Nox, creator behind the Hvala Dolls label, takes the four previous modifiers to heart. With overflowing creativity and an uncanny ability to gauge the emotional impact that clothing and color can have, Nox - like all visionaries do - produces styles of an immense power to inspire. 

Dolldom's Luula, a OOAK NuminaDoll Salix, styled, modeled in, and directed this production of daringly poetic imagery, that, not unlike religious iconography, moves us past the banality of mere fashion. 

Hvala Dolls

Hvala Dolls

Sunday, June 5, 2022

It's Magic

Virtual Doll Convention's Grace Boutique is a unique concept that offers a monthly subscription box featuring a new complete look for the Grace Marie Fitzpatrick doll, created by Robert Tonner using his
RTB-101 body and Sydney Chase's sculpt. Each month, VDC's creator extraordinaire Rachel Hoffman goes all out to compose a mini collection of joyful fashion fun in a box!

The offerings for June 2022 are a fantastic evocation of the 1980s, but one of the components, a pair of pants made of stretchy fabric resembling faux leather, is a real fashion chameleon and a true wardrobe basic.

For this Dolldom entry, Grace models looks built on the versatile magic pants employing other garments exclusive to Virtual Doll Convention's Grace Boutique. 

Magic pants in black combine with a deep rose motorcycle jacket and a taupe Birkin style bag. Faux leopard boots add more power to the look. 

A fanciful take on the equestrian lexicon, this look employs silver magic pants, a white tank, a well-cut blazer in a refreshing flower print and statement-making faux suede and leather tall boots. The yellow Birkin-style bag accentuates the sporty vibe. 

Black and magenta- who knew? The two strong colors combine for a look that packs and punch but is as practical as it is fanciful. A lavender side messenger bag and black faux leather tall boots complete the rebel-for-a-cause look. 

Yellow and peacock blue spell summertime. A yellow knit jersey dress offered in 2021, worn as a tunic, blue magic pants, and flirty side-bow heels, are perfect for sight-seeing or hosting a vegan BBQ.

Ideal for a holiday party, gold magic pants combine with a white tank, a red faux fur coat and sexy red faux suede high heel booties. 

For more information on these looks or to shop for your RTB-101 bodied Tonner doll, make sure to visit Virtual Doll Convention's Grace Boutique

Saturday, June 4, 2022


The number 10 is often used to measure a maximum value in a scale. And it's no surprise that Mattel's Barbie Looks line, designed by Bill Greening, reaches the heights of beauty with its #10 model in this popular collection.

Just like Dolldom closed the month of May with model #10, we open the month of June with her unique beauty, this time dressed a variety of looks from some of Dolldom's favorite freelance designers.

In Labaste-Bestiaire's beaded sheath

In LizRetros' tribute to vintage Balenciaga

In Bakhtiër's wool sheath

In Marirose's beaded red linen mini for Francie doll.

In Brani Mladenov's sexy two piece gown