Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fauna and Daisy

Fauna and Daisy by ernestopadrocampos
Fauna and Daisy, a photo by ernestopadrocampos on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Jung Hee Park's Daisy is ready for a late summer stroll in Candy Junky's "G is for Giraffe" dress made for the Blythe doll and Liz Cole's superb miniaturized reproduction Enid Collins purse.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back-to-School Yarns

Once the long days of summer are abruptly interrupted by the beginning of another school year, kids of all ages face the sad prospect of having to rise and shine earlier than their growing bodies desire. How to counterbalance these early morning blues? Fashionably, of course. And nothing spells fall fashion better than a hand knitted garment made with love. Best of all, this handmade quality need not break the bank and jeopardize our tykes' college education funds as there are options galore being offered by Dolldom's talented artist friends. The next time there is an inkling of early morning despair or dissension, perform a quick attitude adjustment by putting a cozy cap on a little head.

A Myling doll by Katarina Carlsson visits the zoo in Wellermade's "Infanta" hand knit wonder.

American Character's 14-inch Betsy McCall wears a warm pant and sweater set by Little Red Hen. The nubby sweater will look wonderful with a plaid skirt or under velveteen overalls later on. Betsy's painting by Vivienne Strauss.

A reproduction Bleuette SFBJ 301by Raven Dolls in Seattle, WA sports a reproduction camel hair sweater and skirt set by Global Dolls and a heirloom quality hat by Small Delightfuls.

Master Viktor Dreary listens attentively to his tutor's lesson in Petit Tricotage's "Memento Mori" cap. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

A Bleuette 6/0 reproduction by Susanne McBryer wears Liz Cole's rockabilly knit set with orange cap and striped leggings. 

Vintage Skipper plays with the kinder garden set in Petit Tricotage's "Lettuce" dress. 

A Bravot SFBJ 301 Bleuette is ready for story time in a Global Dolls reproduction jumper and blouse set and Small Delightfuls' peaches and cream hand knit hat.

Daisy by Jung Hee Park goes to her fall play's rehearsal in Petit Tricotage's "Red Balloon" dress. Daisy likes the drama of the bell shaped sleeves.

Suzanne McBrayer reproduction of the SFBJ 251 Bleuette wears a Retros hand knit set made with vintage Italian yarn and a vintage straw hat made in pre-Castro Cuba.

A magnificent sweater for a stellar student. Viktor Dreary celebrates his high achievement in Liz Cole's "skull and bones" sweater for Retros.