Sunday, February 23, 2020

Little Heads, Big Fun!

Joey Versaw's A Little Head dolls visit Dolldom for a Rockabilly-infused gathering.

The concept originated by Versaw in 2017 features two of his most unique sculpts: Gum and Flannery. Realized in quality vinyl with silky rooted hair, the hand painted heads are placed on fashion doll bodies and the rest is all play.

For this exclusive portfolio, a brunette Gum wears a current Ken fashion pack and Integrity Toy's sneakers. A blonde Gum with long ponytail wears Integrity Toy's brocaded jacket, shorts and sneakers. Blonde Flannery models Poppy Parker's "Ma petite fleur", Superstar Barbie black heels, and a Enid Collins inspired poodle purse by LizRetros.Their furniture is by The Atomic Doll on Etsy.

For more on Versaw's A Little Head dolls, visit his boutique.

Monday, February 3, 2020

A Style of Character

As diversity and inclusion become the norm in the world of fashion, character takes center stage. Crumbling canons of beauty make way for the emergence of the soulful attitude.

Dolldom is proud to introduce Otto, a NuminaDoll Aurum cast in pale resin. Inspired by models Leo Jonah and Shaun Ross and created by sculptor extraordinaire Paul Pham, Otto is a perfect example of the power of character. Strong, unique, spirited, all that Otto needs is a pair of faded jeans (also by NuminaDoll) to create images of elevated style.