Saturday, December 23, 2023

By the Tree

It's that time to celebrate by the holiday tree. With plentiful illusions, we gather and pose to create a memory. Vanity aside, the captured instant in time promises a moment of eternity.  

What are you waiting for? Go and stand by a tree, be it large or small, real or faux, and just be. 

Tammy and her family await the arrival of Santa Claus. 

6 1/2 Petite Sisters Mary Barbara and Mary Lilliana by Joey Versaw could not wait to open their gifts - mini versions of Versaw's Miss Mary and Myles dolls. 

Sindy and Paul by Pedigree are elegantly clad. 

A vintage Swirl Ponytail Barbie doll, refreshed after her stay at Pink Bubbles Doll Spa models Markofashion's Atomic dress. 

Vintage Barbarella doll models her original fashion and boots. 

A "sketch" Lilli Lalka by Julian Kalinowski exemplifies beauty in a Tania Lawrence design. 

Tressy by American Character is ready for the holiday ball in a Rosina Haskell gown. Hair by Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. 

Nancy by Poupée Bella is all French sophistication in a Markofashion sheath. 

Sindy, Mitzi, Patch and Paul don their holiday best. 

Irma by Joey Versaw brings the gift of color. Pop-art colors! Dress by Cindy's Barbie Boutique.

"The Best Look's" Silkstone Barbie is glamour queen in Integrity Toy's interpretation of the ballgown worn by Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. Hair by Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. 

Lilli Lalka by Julian Kalinowski is resplendent in a golden cocktail dress. 

Dolldom closes the entry with Takara's Lady Licca in a fancy mini dress by Endangered Sissy

May your holidays regale you with a bountiful harvest of memories. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Ludy Laminous

Ludy Laminous, by Julian S. Kalinowski, is a presence -  ambiguous - so that you engage in interpretation. But such interaction comes with a warning: Ludy Laminous will draw you in, demanding reflection and then projection. Ludy Laminous will trick you into trying to animate her, but soon you will understand that her stillness is dynamic, that, in repose, she is in possession of a truth that you may not wish to know: Ludy Laminous is a vessel created to contain the essence of your dreams, dreams that reveal your longing for transcending the limits of human existence.

The following portfolio contains images of iterations of the 15-inch Ludy Laminous at different moments of Kalinowski's experimentation with the 1:4th scale sculpture (and not with a lifestyle, for lifestyles are concocted by those who are self-aware) with movable limbs. 

Ludy Laminous #1 in Tonner Doll's Théâtre de la Mode's "Soir de Fête".

"Flower Bomb" by Hvala Dolls

Ludy Laminous #2 (aka Liz T.) in Gene Marshall's "Spirit of Truth's" chain mail body suit and a Bogue's Vogues black picture hat. 

Gene Marshall's "Blue Goddess" goes black and white...

Bubbles forever...Ludy Laminous #4 models a B&G dress by LizRetros while her little sister - a sketch Lilli Lalka (also by Kalinowski) looks in adoration. 

Never solo, but always in the spotlight in LizRetros' slinky wonders, Ludy Laminous #4 and Sylvain, also by Kalinowski, rule the cabaret scene. 

In Tyler Wentworth's "Millenium Ball" by Tonner Doll, Ludy Laminous #5 is the definite beauty queen. Necklace by Vince Tivabido. 

Ludy Laminous #6 sings to a packed house in LizRetros' hand beaded gown. 

A new cool blonde in LizRetros' glittered tulle.

In Mark G. Harris' hand beaded sheath, Ludy Laminous #6 makes everyone - including Lilli Lalka (also by Kalinowski) long for the 1960s. Orange hat by LizRetros. 

The face of Ludy Laminous #6. Shall you and she play? 

Ludy loves glamour and her Sandra Stillwell coat is the perfect definition of it. 

Monday, December 18, 2023

Savoir Faire

Issued in 2002 as a LE of 150 for a Collector's United event in Atlanta, Georgia, "Savoir Faire" Sydney Chase is, in Dolldom's view, a perfect doll. Featuring the natural make-up palette used on the same year's "Firebird", "Sheer Glamour", and "RTW", "Savoir Faire" reprised the hairstyle of the previous year's "Black and White Ball" iteration. One wonders - then- how could these elements, already seen and available on other dolls, come together to create a definitive look for the ultimate diva of Tyler Wentworth's world?  The accompanying photo portfolio aims to capture the magic. 

"Savoir Faire" Sydney Chase models her beaded strapless gown with chiffon train. A perfect combination. 

But a fashion doll is always looking to model...
"Savoir Faire" dons a pink silk satin gathered teddy and "Central Park Benefit Luncheon's" skirt and she's ready for cocktails. Her Rx glasses are as essential to the Sydney Chase mystique as her pout. 

"Premiere Pink's" silk skirt and a honeycomb turtleneck by Demuse Doll make a surprise appearance...

For dancing, off comes the skirt!  Sydney reveals brocaded silk hot pants! 

In a classic deep blue 1950s  style cocktail dress by Paintbox Designs, Sydney travels through time. 

Luxe, calme, volupté Demuse Doll's textured silk coat with silk satin collar and bow. 

To close the show, "Savoir Faire" opts for Tyler Wentworth's "Dinner with Regina". 

Here's to 21 years of incomparable style, "Savoir Faire" Sydney Chase.