Sunday, May 8, 2016

Pink Bubbles for English Girls

The magnanimous Bobby Taylor, creative force behind the mythical Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, and Julian Stanislav Kalinowski, creator of the mysterious Miss Sévinyl and Solange dolls, recently got together to do what doll geniuses do best: play. Mr. Kalinowski and Mr. Taylor fans of each others' work decided to give Miss Sévinyl and the upcoming Solange the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa treatment. The results are nothing but earth-shatteringly beautiful.

 Mr. Taylor came up with five different styles that present a good variety with varying hair lengths and styles ranging from casual to more dressy. He added hair ribbons to several noting that colors can be changed to match their costumes. Alternatively,  other decorative add-on's such as flowers or even strung beads may be substituted for added variety and looks.

Dolldom is thrilled to present this exclusive portfolio and thanks Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kalinowski for sharing their collaboration with us!

Mr. Taylor thought that there should be at least one shorter style and opted for this basic bobbed look. Dolldom loves the way it frames her face and shows her expressive eyes. It's slightly asymmetrical and can be adjusted as desired. Mr. Taylor happens to like one side hanging just a bit lower than the other.

Due to the thickness of the hair Mr. Taylor  wouldn't recommend going much shorter than chin length as it will tend to start sticking out on the sides. The key to this look is the sleekness and is set firm for neatness and longevity. Dress by Tania Lawrence.

The inspiration for Miss Sevinyl's set was a photo of Mattel's Stacey!

It's a simple low ponytail style with the side curls eliminated. Mr. Taylor opted to keep the forehead curl to add a bit of interest and finished with a simple black hair bow. A simple heat set for the ponytail and forehead curl and Miss S is ready to do what Miss S does best: look glamorous in her Liz Retros dress. 

This next  set showcases Solange's original long hair and was given added height on top.

The front half just at the ears was pulled upward and given a thick braid which is pushed up slightly and pinned. It's accented with an under-tied black ribbon detail. The fabulous style gives the illusion of an added hair-piece so popular in the 60's.

Rachel wears an elegant up-do featuring her original side-swept bangs, braided crown and rolled under bun. Fashion by Tania Lawrence.

Mr. Taylor thought that at least one evening look would be good in the mix and this style was achieved by pulling the hair up to the crown and tied. A piece was used for the braided hair wrap and pinned and the rest rolled under and again pinned. Fashion by Tania Lawrence.

Mr. Taylor decided to do a side-swept style to add something different to the group.

The side-swept bang is pulled back and attached behind the ear. The rest is pulled to the side, tied and then divided into two separate ponytails and decorative ribbons keep each one neat.  Each tail could also be braided as well for some variety.

Mr. Taylor and his Pink Bubbles staff have come up with a winning combination of looks mixing styles with the inimitable characters of Mr. Kalinowski's dolls.  Here's to these two supremely talented gentlemen of the fashion doll world!

Pink Bubbles Doll Spa 

Séverine, Miss Sévinyl and Solange Dolls