Friday, November 6, 2009

TEN With Tyler

Dolldom Celebrates
Tyler Wentworth's 10th Anniversary
Q & A with Robert Tonner
This interview was first published in the March/April 2009 issue of Haute Doll magazine

Ernesto: How does it feel to celebrate Tyler’s 10th anniversary? Did you plan Tyler’s introduction in 1999 so that her 10th anniversary would coincide with Barbie’s 50th?

Robert: It feels great to celebrate Tyler’s tenth! I love that the collectors responded to what I was trying to do, and that they still enjoy all that goes on in the house of Wentworth.
As far as tying Tyler’s tenth to Barbie’s fiftieth—I wish I was that smart! Tyler came out in 1999 as a result of all the pieces coming together at the same time. I had been in the doll business for eight years at that time and it had taken me all that time to learn how to make the fashion doll that I wanted to make—the way I wanted to make her.

Ernesto: How has the fashion doll market changed since Tyler’s debut? Are these changes predicated on Tyler’s success?

Robert: The fashion doll market has indeed changed since Tyler’s debut. Collectors have become more sophisticated and demanding every year which keeps us as doll makers on our toes. There are a lot more fashion doll products geared exclusively toward the collector then ever. As much as I’m a fan of Barbie, the biggest change is that a fashion doll no longer has to be eleven and one half inches, and I think Mel Odom was responsible for a great deal of that change. But I think that collectors were so hungry for fashion that the market was ripe for developing. I’d like to think that Tyler set the pace in the fashion doll world, at least for a while. And I would be honored to think that I’ve helped with the current fashion doll “explosion”.

Ernesto: Concerning Tyler’s new face, what criteria did you consider when re-sculpting it? What did you wish for this face to convey?

Robert: I did this face just as I did her first; I started sculpting and stopped when I had a doll that seemed to look like Tyler—I don’t know if I can explain it better than that. I wanted the face to convey a confident, sophisticated, modern woman.

Ernesto: How will Tyler continue to evolve? The BJD Ultimate Basic issue is one example of this evolution. Will Tyler’s vinyl body be articulated any further? Will there be an ankle joint that allows her feet to turn? Any others changes that you wish to share with the readers of Haute Doll?

Robert: I love our Tyler BJD, but my first love will always be plastic! Tyler’s body was designed at the time to represent a woman wearing a corset and a push up bra—that looked new to me at the time. I have just developed a brand new fashion doll body that has evolved the idea of what looks new, and I’d love to add some of my new “thinking” to Tyler’s body. There are a few adjustments I’d love to make to Tyler like a lower leg that could turn out at the knee as well as more rotation in the torso area.

Ernesto: Tonner Doll Company has many successful doll lines, yet it is safe to say that Tyler Wentworth is the one character created by you that has achieved iconic status and that enjoys widespread popularity. 20 years from now, what will Tyler Wentworth’s contribution to the history of the fashion doll be?

Robert: I’d love to think that Tyler will still be around in twenty years! I hope that at the very least she’ll be regarded as a “snapshot” of fashion in doll form in the first decade of the new century. I guess we have to wait and see!

Ernesto: Do you have any favorite Tyler dolls? For example, I always have the following on display:
*First issue (low color) Signature Style brunette
*Cherished Friends Exclusive Luxury RTW raven and blonde
*RTW Glamour Saucy face paint brunette and redhead
*Midnight Garden
*Crimson on Park

Robert: I do have a few favorites. I keep approximately twenty Tyler’s in my cases at home and probably forty in cases at work, and I never get tired of looking at them. I have one of the first Tyler’s dressed in the black cashmere coat, I have a one of a kind Tyler that was on the cover of Tyler’s fifth anniversary album, and I really like the “real” clothes like Haute Sydney, New England Excursion, The Look of Luxe, Chill Chasers and Metro Chic. And there are a lot more!

Tyler Wenworth

Monday, October 26, 2009

Vintage Halloween Memories

Dolldom celebrates Halloween in vintage style. Dolldom darlings Agnes and Viktor Dreary enjoy the fun of Halloween days of old in their dark and somber Dreary Manor. Inspired by vintage postcards, their ghost costumes by Our Sweet Creations are simply perfect Halloween wear for nights of spooky fun. Agnes and Viktor decided to regale the readers of Dolldom with a very witty tableaux that they hope will send chills down your spine on Halloween! Boo!

Inspiration postcards sent to Connie at Our Sweet Creations to commission the ghost outfits.

Ever wonder what's boiling in the black cauldron?

Agnes and Viktor Dreary's Halloween Pageant

As day turns to night and little lights shine in the dark blue sky, two little ghosts roam the long hallways of Dreary Manor. With Jack O' Lanterns and much desire for mischief, our fluffy friends howl and moan a haunting refrain...Governesses Euphemia and Emilie try in vain to hush the cacophonous voices.

Booooo...hooooo! Boo! Boo!

From a dark corner where candles flicker in a mad dance, Agnes appears. She sees her twin brother's green eyes through the stitched openings of the hood. "Who's your playmate, brother Viktor? " - she asks softly.

Confused and bewildered, Viktor takes off his hood to make sure that his eyes are not playing any tricks on him. And they are not. It is indeed Agnes and her shadow in front of him. Agnes recognizes the look in his eyes and feels a cold air caress her cheeks.

The siblings know now that another fun loving yet unknown soul has entered their silent realm.

Cold as ice, brother and sister run and hide in the darkest corners, hoping that when they reemerge from the shadows, the uninvited guest will have moved on to another home. Maybe yours? On Halloween, be wary of little you may be in the presence of a forsaken soul who has decided to keep you company - forever! Boo!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dolldom Salutes Mark G. Harris, Designer to the Stars

Mark G. Harris
Remember his name because it's about to shine brightly.

Mark G. Harris designs with his mind and his heart. And the latter is so seldom seen in runways the world over where it seems that the edge is so cutting that beauty got forgotten. Lucky we at Dolldom who get to enjoy Mark's soulful creations.
Beaded dresses abound as well as classic sheaths to adorn with his equally delectable jewelry designs.

The look is timeless with classic clean lines brought to life with Mark's delectable color choices.

Mark is a man of very good taste, just savor his guava mixed with kiwi wonder or enjoy the sweet smells of his lavender and cinnamon delights.

Inspired by the painting "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I" by Gustav Klimt, Mark went searching for special beads for the spectacular green gown shown above and below. In his own words: " The moment I saw the buttery gold squares I knew they were perfect, and I also immediately thought of the Klimt painting, which I believe currently holds the record as the most expensive painting in the world (though how would they know unless they try to sell the Mona Lisa?). The beading on the bodice in particular was done to evoke that painting."

For more on Mark, visit his Flickr photostream:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Libation Alert - Gin and Your Complexion

With the exception of a long night (or evening or lunch break) of passionate lovemaking, nothing will put that rosy glow on your skin like a shot of good quality gin. It is the opinion of our expert drinkers that gin is about to make a grand comeback, once the inhabitants of Peopleland realize that vodka is nothing but H2O enhanced. Recently, we held a gin tasting at our editorial offices and fell madly in love with Hendrick's Gin. Distilled in Ayrshire, Scotland by William Grant & Sons Ltd, Hendrick's infuses its witches' brew with- get ready! - rose petals and cucumbers, ingredients that all first rate esthéticiens know will yield a refreshed visage in less than 30 minutes time. Beauty and cocktails- who knew? Although we enjoyed drinking it neat (straight is word we keep at a distance here at DOLLDOM), we also enjoyed some unusual cocktails, two of which we could not resist sharing with you:
B a r b i e
(it's pink!)

2 oz. Hendrick’s Gin
¾ oz. Rhubarb Puree
½ oz. Vanilla Syrup
½ oz. Gooseberry Syrup
Shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a gooseberry.

1 oz Hendrick's Gin
1/2 Cucumber simple syrup
Rosé champagne
(To make cucumber simple syrup, blend 1 cucumber and 4 oz simple syrup)
Pour ingredients in order above into a champagne flute.
Stir gently before garnishing with the
cucumber garnish of your choosing.

For more recipes, visit Hendrick's Gin

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nude Heads - The Ultimate Act of Minimalism

It's a choice made by those who wish to break free from the slavery of hair styling. We agree that for those with exquisite features, it can be quite sexy. On the other hand, this look does require certain measures to keep the wearer from looking mean or too severely punk.
Men will benefit from daily moisturizing as well as from lavish applications of 70 SPF sunscreen. Shiseido makes one in SPF 55, less than the recommended protection but with such a superb shade of turquoise, the bottle dissolved our resolve to über-protect. Stylish fashion choices, like the imposing peacoat shown above left, are perhaps more necessary to keep the intentionally bald male from looking excessively uninterested in the sartorial trend.
Likewise, the female N.H. will be more attentive to her eyes, giving them extra attention with velvety lashes and dramatically precise lining. Crystal shine on lips is an ultra-glam gesture. As for what she wears, anything - from a little black dress to a tweed pant suit -will make heads turn as she struts her stuff down the street.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Future of Fashion (Dolls) Is Handmade

Really. We all desire the unique. More and more these days, doll companies seem to be producing the raw material that gets reshaped, redressed, repainted, and restyled into unique visions. Vive la différence, don't you think? Lucky are those who can count on visionaries like Liz Cole and Yatabazah to provide the ultimate in doll luxe for living the Life Deluxe.
The original Beauty and Glamour fashion look by Liz Cole for Retros.
Liz Cole for Retros
Handmade human and mohair wigs by Yatabazah
Handmade resin Persia dolls by Darrell Wallace
Darrell Wallace

Give-Your-Body-A-Break Jewelry Displays

As much as you may love all your jewelry, it is impossible to wear it all on a daily basis, unless you play dress-up or have a very full social schedule.
One way to enjoy it is by displaying your baubles in artful arrangements in your boudoir or salon. Mdvanii, for example, deposits her bracelets - including her signature cuffs- in antique santos' hands found at her favorite marché aux puces.
Our homes, ourselves.
The most famous flea market in Paris is the one at Porte de Clignancourt, named Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, but referred to by its devotés as Les Puces (The Fleas).
Flea Market Hours: Saturday - Monday
Every Saturday from 8h30 to 18h30
Every Sunday from 10h to 18h30
Every Monday from de 10h30 to 17h30

Vintage Finds

A vintage sweater, preferably dead stock, is indeed a treasure of a find. Paired with BillyBoy*s knit shorts, this moss green Ken sweater, like its wearer, will get plenty of action this coming fall. Come winter, it will still be a great piece for layering under a heavy coat.
The question is where to find the loot before the moths do! The fashionable never leave a stone unturned - from Etsy to e-Bay to (can you believe?) actual real-time shopping at retro boutiques. This focused attitude will bear a rich harvest of cozy woolens.