Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nude Heads - The Ultimate Act of Minimalism

It's a choice made by those who wish to break free from the slavery of hair styling. We agree that for those with exquisite features, it can be quite sexy. On the other hand, this look does require certain measures to keep the wearer from looking mean or too severely punk.
Men will benefit from daily moisturizing as well as from lavish applications of 70 SPF sunscreen. Shiseido makes one in SPF 55, less than the recommended protection but with such a superb shade of turquoise, the bottle dissolved our resolve to über-protect. Stylish fashion choices, like the imposing peacoat shown above left, are perhaps more necessary to keep the intentionally bald male from looking excessively uninterested in the sartorial trend.
Likewise, the female N.H. will be more attentive to her eyes, giving them extra attention with velvety lashes and dramatically precise lining. Crystal shine on lips is an ultra-glam gesture. As for what she wears, anything - from a little black dress to a tweed pant suit -will make heads turn as she struts her stuff down the street.

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