Saturday, September 18, 2021

Becoming Luula

Dolldom's collaborations with sculptor Paul Pham culminate with the birth of a universal beauty, one that stands the test of time and pays no attention to fads. It's all about character: integrity, strength, and soul. Her name is Luula

Employing the obsidian black resin skintone and Pham's latest female sculpt, Salix, Dolldom's muse is much inspired by the grand Alek Wek. 

To achieve the monochromatic look, Pham applied a coat of satin varnish over the resin. Pham explains the challenges: "Once the varnish is on, anything a deep black underneath will lighten slightly because of the matting agent in the satin varnish, so a deep black will now show up unless a gloss varnish is used. To realize the face-up, I used a special black called Black 3.0 that is both matte and absorbs most of the light spectrum, so it doesn’t bounce back much light, making it a deep matte black."

Luula is the epitome of Pham's artistry and of his firm belief that beauty is truly beautiful when it reflects the human spirit. 

Dress by Tonner Doll for Antoinette

Dress by V.Jhon

Dress by Numina

"Anemone" coat by Numina

Coat by Numina

Dress by Numina

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Gracious Offerings

(Almost) everyone loves a friend who shares: joy, laughter, recipes, couture. Well, Virtual Doll Convention's Grace Marie Fitzpatrick is that friend.

Her boutique, filled to the rim with goods, allows you and your special Tonner doll to find shoes, dresses, purses, lingerie, patterns, stickers...and best of all, it offers a subscription program to guarantee that, every month, a special delivery will arrive at your door. The fashions are made to fit the RT-101 body sculpt first seen in Tonner's Wonder Woman doll. This said, many of the designs will also work with similarly-sized dolls. 

In this Dolldom exclusive, Grace in her "Deluxe" iteration and two special friends: Ellowyne and Rayne, model two dresses-of-the-month: a lemon yellow sexy number with a Halston vibe and a black turtleneck and satin flower print skirt dress reminiscent of Carolina Herrera designs. The tweed purse, boots and shoes are also available in the boutique.

To join VDC's Dress-of-the-Month subscription program, visit Grace's Boutique. 

To join VDC's Dress-of-the-Month subscription program, visit Grace's Boutique. 

Monday, September 6, 2021




(especially in the Roman Catholic Church) a Mass for the repose of the souls of the dead.
"a requiem was held for the dead queen"

a musical composition setting parts of a requiem Mass, or of a similar character.
"Fauré's Requiem"

an act or token of remembrance.
"he designed the epic as a requiem for beloved Sylvain"

Julian S. Kalinowski, doll maker extraordinaire, recently let the world know that Sylvain, one of the integrants of his S-Girls trio, entered immortality (i.e., sold out) earlier this week. 

Dolldom pays tribute to a dear face that challenged conventions since conception, invited seductively, refused coldly, left with some wanna-be spaghetti and croissant impresario to came back to love with the same never-waining intensity. Here's to you, afternoon-chat diva! 

Fashions by Tania Lawrecne, Rosina Haskell, Juliet Whorton, LizRetros, Hvala Dolls, HillCrestBarbies, Criscrash, and Bruno Farfallo. Wigs by Yatabazah.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

The Shobijin

Please, play video and allow Mothra's song to accompany you as you read. 

Embedded in the minds of so many who, as children, enjoyed the mysterious world of the Yoko Tanaka film, The Shobijin and Mothra's song become an invitation for playxploration at Dolldom with the company of Licca-chan and her friend Izumi-chan and, of course, the magic of LizRetros.

LizRetros, priestess of Beauty * Glamour, summons the spirit of The Luminous Fairies with a magnificently unique and über-detailed giftset of fashions and figures made to fit the first generation Licca-chan body dimensions. LizRetros' selection of daffodil-yellow vintage satin with flocked flower print for the mini-dress is enhanced by the addition of a vintage lace overskirt. The design, original, captures the essence of both The Shobijin as well as Licca-chan's late-1960's fashion look. 

But what would The Shobijin be without crowns? 3-D printed diadems, painted matte gold, are LizRetros' inspired answer. 

But hold on! There's more! 

How are the two friends to play The Shobijin without their monstrous film peers? 

Well, LizRetros solves that issue with a set of 3-D printed and hand-painted miniatures that will bring hours of fun to Licca-chan and Izumi-chan's Infant Island rêverie.

To inquire about commissioning your own OOAK Shobijin giftset, contact LizRetros via her boutiques on Etsy or e-Bay

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Earth Loving Ebony

The Fresh Dolls introduce a new character in its diverse line of African American, Afro-Latina, Latino/Hispanic, Caucasian, and Mixed-Race/Bi-Racial identities. Her name is Ebony

"Ebony loves caring for the Earth. She is an activist for the environment and passionate about nature and the ocean. At Fresh Prep, she helped start the first Community Clean-Up Program. You can find her organizing recycling programs, leading beach clean-up, planting organic vegetable and herb gardens, and restoring neighborhoods. She’s always looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint and do her part to save the earth, so you’ll find her riding her bicycle out and about in Fresh Springs with her beautiful brown natural curls peeking out from under her helmet. She is in the Fresh Springs Aquarium After School Program where she learns about marine life. Ebony aspires to be a Marine Biologist."

In this Dolldom exclusive, Ebony models her denim jeans and marine aqua-blue halter top and blue wedge heels as well as designs by Brani Mladenov, HillCrestBarbies, and Criscrash. 

Meet Ebony!

Gown by Brani Mladenov

Knit dress by HillCrest Barbies

Dress by Criscrash