Saturday, September 18, 2021

Becoming Luula

Dolldom's collaborations with sculptor Paul Pham culminate with the birth of a universal beauty, one that stands the test of time and pays no attention to fads. It's all about character: integrity, strength, and soul. Her name is Luula

Employing the obsidian black resin skintone and Pham's latest female sculpt, Salix, Dolldom's muse is much inspired by the grand Alek Wek. 

To achieve the monochromatic look, Pham applied a coat of satin varnish over the resin. Pham explains the challenges: "Once the varnish is on, anything a deep black underneath will lighten slightly because of the matting agent in the satin varnish, so a deep black will now show up unless a gloss varnish is used. To realize the face-up, I used a special black called Black 3.0 that is both matte and absorbs most of the light spectrum, so it doesn’t bounce back much light, making it a deep matte black."

Luula is the epitome of Pham's artistry and of his firm belief that beauty is truly beautiful when it reflects the human spirit. 

Dress by Tonner Doll for Antoinette

Dress by V.Jhon

Dress by Numina

"Anemone" coat by Numina

Coat by Numina

Dress by Numina


  1. Gorgeous doll and photographs, Ernesto!!

  2. So many stand-out photos here. Amazing model paired with a photographer that's in tune with the doll's character, and knows how to best capture its essence.