Saturday, September 11, 2021

Gracious Offerings

(Almost) everyone loves a friend who shares: joy, laughter, recipes, couture. Well, Virtual Doll Convention's Grace Marie Fitzpatrick is that friend.

Her boutique, filled to the rim with goods, allows you and your special Tonner doll to find shoes, dresses, purses, lingerie, patterns, stickers...and best of all, it offers a subscription program to guarantee that, every month, a special delivery will arrive at your door. The fashions are made to fit the RT-101 body sculpt first seen in Tonner's Wonder Woman doll. This said, many of the designs will also work with similarly-sized dolls. 

In this Dolldom exclusive, Grace in her "Deluxe" iteration and two special friends: Ellowyne and Rayne, model two dresses-of-the-month: a lemon yellow sexy number with a Halston vibe and a black turtleneck and satin flower print skirt dress reminiscent of Carolina Herrera designs. The tweed purse, boots and shoes are also available in the boutique.

To join VDC's Dress-of-the-Month subscription program, visit Grace's Boutique. 

To join VDC's Dress-of-the-Month subscription program, visit Grace's Boutique. 

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  1. Graceful designs that are sure to be a beloved staple in a doll's wardrobe.