Saturday, September 4, 2021

The Shobijin

Please, play video and allow Mothra's song to accompany you as you read. 

Embedded in the minds of so many who, as children, enjoyed the mysterious world of the Yoko Tanaka film, The Shobijin and Mothra's song become an invitation for playxploration at Dolldom with the company of Licca-chan and her friend Izumi-chan and, of course, the magic of LizRetros.

LizRetros, priestess of Beauty * Glamour, summons the spirit of The Luminous Fairies with a magnificently unique and über-detailed giftset of fashions and figures made to fit the first generation Licca-chan body dimensions. LizRetros' selection of daffodil-yellow vintage satin with flocked flower print for the mini-dress is enhanced by the addition of a vintage lace overskirt. The design, original, captures the essence of both The Shobijin as well as Licca-chan's late-1960's fashion look. 

But what would The Shobijin be without crowns? 3-D printed diadems, painted matte gold, are LizRetros' inspired answer. 

But hold on! There's more! 

How are the two friends to play The Shobijin without their monstrous film peers? 

Well, LizRetros solves that issue with a set of 3-D printed and hand-painted miniatures that will bring hours of fun to Licca-chan and Izumi-chan's Infant Island rêverie.

To inquire about commissioning your own OOAK Shobijin giftset, contact LizRetros via her boutiques on Etsy or e-Bay


  1. Ernesto. Superb collaboration between you and Liz. Love it. And the Mothra song makes it more enjoyable.


    1. Thank you, Don. Collaborating with Liz is always a gift!