Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Lion King

There's a new king in town and his name is Jon. 

A new sculpt by Mattel's Kimberly Aucella marks the Ken doll's 60th Anniversary with a real reason to celebrate. For this sculpt brings a new level of realism to the Barbie Signature brand. 

With a very cool tank top and slacks designed by Bill Greening, Barbie Looks Jon invites the dollector to play and to build looks with the basic style's solid foundation.  

Dolldom's stylists incorporated several pieces by Integrity Toys, a sweater by Bruno Farfallo, and a lavender tank top, shoes and sunglasses by Mattel. A gold chain by Joy Jasmine of Exsyntrik on Etsy and Jon rocks the fashion doll world. 

Kudos to Mattel! 


Sunday, June 6, 2021

Inspiration from Art of Pucci

Fashion force, Art of Pucci, is one one of Dolldom's favorite Instagram feeds. Inspired styling and inspiring affirmations from the mind of Pucci Lisenbee create a fashion attitude experience like no other, for as far as social influencers go, Art of Pucci is a born philosopher who gives you style with substance, fashion with heart.

This shout-out to Art of Pucci, Dolldom's first entry for the month of June, features Oba, a OOAK NuminaDoll Aurum sculpt male ball jointed doll crafted in obsidian resin, modeling separates by LizRetros, NuminaDoll, Chewin Doll. Several of his NuminaDoll buds join him in the fun. 

Our stylists hope that the resulting looks reflect the impact of Art of Pucci's ideology and sense of empowerment.

Bravo, Art of Pucci!

Oba, ready to work those Art of Pucci inspired looks! Wig and tank by Chewin Doll.

Behold the Man! It's a1970's paisley print shirt by LizRetros that'll get the party started. Slacks by Chewin doll. 

Classic coat, stripes on a tank and a pair of bell-bottom slacks combine for cool on-the-road style. 
Coat and tank by Chewin doll. Slacks by LizRetros.

Some one has to fly that plane and it's going to be Oba in this cool belted jumpsuit with zipper closure by Chewin Doll. Sneakers by NuminaDoll.

Mostafa in black...

And a pair of shorts by Shantommo. Hey, it's warm weather elegance. 

¡Papito! The new dandy wears black by Chewin Doll. Bow tie by Chewin Doll. Hat by LizRetros. 

For attending a wedding or getting hitched, Lucca, wears a silk Nehru collar jacket by Chewin Doll, jeans by NuminaDol, and a scarf by LizRetros. Underneath, a mesh tank brings up the groovy. 

Link defines comfort-above-all in a V-neck tank by Chewin Doll and soft cotton knit baggy pants and scarf by LizRetros. Blue suede shoes by NuminaDoll. 

Nature walks are good for introspection. T-shrit and slacks by Chewin Doll. Coat by NuminaDoll. 

Otto closes the show in a playful take on formal attire. Tails and tank by Chewin Doll. Jeans by NuminaDoll. 

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