Saturday, January 23, 2021

Amazing, Grace!

 That's what Dolldom's editors expressed after seeing the photo yield of Virtual Doll Convention's Grace Marie Fitzpatrick fashion session. For the elegant "Deluxe" became, via redress, an amalgam of types associated with cinematic glamour. There's a bit of Jane Russell in some, a strong Ditta Von Teese vibe in others, yet in others, she channels Nathalie Wood. But refrain, dear readers, from finding any specific likenesses. Instead, allow the images to reveal their secrets to you. For that is the power and the raison d'être of a fashion doll: to model, and in so doing, to provide us all with the enjoyment of recreational contemplation and creative thought.

Virtual Doll Convention's Grace "Deluxe" in all her glory. Elegant. A modern classic. 

Ravishing in Red 
In a Tyler Wentworth RTW Boutique red coat (no alterations needed for perfect fit) and Mike Buess' "Mitchu" purse, Grace is ready for a stroll downtown. 

Chez elle
For some quality downtime, Grace relaxes at home in JAMIEshow's organza dress for their line of 16-inch BJDs. 

Bubbles, Bubble, Bubbles
Pop the cork off the vintage Tyler Wentworth sparkling wine and pose in LizRetros' joyful take on the bubble dress.  

Fashion formula for fun! Mix a pair of dark sunglasses by Shadowartifact on e-Bay, a faux fur coat by RDGDoll and an LBD and you get vintage movie star vibe. 

The Essential
In Phyn & Aero's "Frill Thrill" black dress for Annora Monet, Grace is dream doll supreme. 

Black and White Forever
In LizRetros' hand-beaded black silk skirt and Phyn & Aero's "Frill Thrill" lace blouse, Grace updates the most perfect combo of colors.

Evoking picnics past and future, Grace is ready for corn on the cob and tofu-burgers in LizRetros' gorgeous off-or-on-the-shoulders red bandana dress. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Love Deluxe

What's not to love? The sparkle of Lurex and the magic of the iconic Sydney Chase combine in one exquisite design exclusive to Virtual Doll Convention: Grace "Deluxe". A luxury iteration of VDC's Grace Marie Fitzpatrick character, Grace "Deluxe" is quintessential Robert Tonner style and quality, and in Dolldom's opinion, the caped gown is a triumph of minimalist design.

Using Tonner's latest body sculpt, RTB-101, Grace "Deluxe", is a treat to pose. The naturalistic sculpting, created for Tonner's Wonder Woman line for Phyn and Aero, gives the Sydney Chase sculpt a new lease on life, regardless of her new name. Kudos to Rachel Hoffman, director of Virtual Doll Convention for envisioning this exciting new character and offering a diverse selection of fashions, shoes, and wigs. 

Grace "Deluxe's" hairstyle is Veronica Lake fabulosity. Dolldom's stylists combed out the factory-set hair and simply restyled it into an undulating sensation, just following the waves of the hair.

Grace "Deluxe" is a must-have for fans of Sydney Chase and Robert Tonner.