Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Forgotten at Fifteen?

Dolldom recalls the first encounter with Miss Tyler Wentworth. A brunette Signature Style basic doll. The designer's designer doll. A bit of Robert Tonner's life experience in vinyl, hard plastic, real wool and cotton. Because this gal wore a luxury uniform to work. Tyler's sculpt spoke when engaged in light and shadow play, making her minimalist face-up approach a delight for our photographers.

Recently Tommy Courtney (subscribe to his blog Tommy Doll as it provides the most insightful perspectives on fashion doll collecting) reminded Dolldom that it was Tyler Wentworth's fifteenth anniversary. And Dolldom felt sad and a bit ashamed to have forgotten. Needless to say, Dolldom thanks Mr. Courtney for once again sharing his love of Tyler in his inimitably always-glow-brightly way. As much as this entry is meant to celebrate Tyler Wentworth on her milestone, it also serves to recognize the talent and enthusiasm with which Mr. Courtney lavished one of Robert Tonner's best dolls and perhaps the one that will define the golden age of his company.

Dear Tyler, Dolldom remembers you and enjoys you on a daily basis as this exclusive portfolio of the permanent collection of the Tyler Wentworth gallery illustrates. Heavy on the vintage element, the Dolldom Tyler Wentworth Gallery focuses on Tyler's ability to transform from young designer to time traveler. Déjà Vu is to us very déjà vu for Tyler Wentworth was on H.G. Wells' time machine early in her production via Le Théatre de la Mode. When Tonner Doll Company began producing miniature versions of the already scaled-down gems of the now historic and successful attempt to keep couture alive, Tyler was back in Nazi-occupied Paris modeling for Marcel Dhorme, Jacques Heim, Lucien Lelong, and Mad Carpentier. And she did not have to be hit on the head to get there, for Tyler Wentworth was, is, and will always be a class act.

A muse with her muse.Tyler's quality fabrication allowed the dolls to stand unaided.  With a little posing, the doll is able to stand with a stand.

A Signature Style basic Tyler. First edition, first wave with very subdued make-up. Dolldom loves the fresh face look. And her Jackie O glasses. And her pearls. And her ponytail. And the tiny wells at the corners of her mouth.

The "Saucy" face is to Dolldom the apex of Tyler's face design. Timeless attitude. This "RTW Glamour" redhead could wear anything and make it look sensational. Even Vilma Flintsone's fur. Necklace by Victoria Garnier.

Karl Lagerfeld Tyler. Way before Mattel did it with Barbie.

The " Signature Style" style is taken to the utter max of glam with the iconic look of "Signature Statement" modeled by the utterly beautiful "RTW Luxury"ash-blonde model. A doll for forever.

A first issue "Signature Style" redhead Tyler. 

"C'est Parfait" from TDLM's collection.

Another "Saucy" Tyler with mink hair color. The "RTW Glamour" models are Dolldom's favorites.

TDLM's "Blush" makes us blush.

Back in the day...For her fifth anniversary, Tyler was celebrated with the grand silk brocade and beaded French lace (reminiscent of the one used in "Party of the Season") "Anniversary Gala" gown. The model boasts the "Saucy" look and a one-time-only fuchsia lip color.

She's got the look. A raven haired "RTW Luxury" models "Le petit ensemble noir" for a retrospective a The Maryhill Museum. What else is needed? Another doll and fashion for forever.

The Tyler Wentworth Boutique offered many classic looks as this "Red Perfection" velvet coat worn by the FAO exclusive "Outfit of the Month" Tyler Wentworth. LBD by Charles Roark.

TDLM's "C'est la Fête" as modeled by the Tyler issued wearing TDLM's "Swept Away" fashion. A smashing redhead with a decidedly vintage look.

Her Royal Modernity. In her second and short-lived face sculpt, this "Ultra Basic" blonde is a perfect example of what may be achieved when a design team has its collective thinking cap on. Tyler wears the extremely sober and ultra luxurious satin RTW Boutique separates.

Am I Wonder Woman Now? The sculpt has been reissued for the Diana Prince line.

"RTW Winter" is a dead-ringer for Bettie Page with her raven ponytail and bangs. Or is it early Barbie's ponytail? It does not matter as Tyler, sporting her Sherry Miller-designed second face-up, is truly her own woman. But this style opens up the possibilities for Tyler, like this fun Retros' dress. Necklace by Stray Cat. Tyler's male model counterpart is JAMIEshow's "Havana Nights" Alejandro in a mix and match of Tonner Doll male doll clothing pieces.


How to close this entry? With Dolldom's only freelance artist repainted doll: a WonderBilly Tyler Wentworth! In Retros, of course!

Va-voom! 1950's Vargas girl. Tyler shows her curves is a mermaid gown made of dead-stock vintage print, as only Liz Cole could envision. Necklace by Joy Jarred. The doll is posing without a stand or any other means of support, testament to the way in which Tyler was engineered.

WonderBilly's approach is not subtle and it need not be as the Tyler sculpt can take very dramatic make-up design. This "Signature Style" is vamping up the holidays at Dolldom.

Her earrings are by Facets by Marcia and made for Cissy.

Happy Anniversary, Miss Wentworth! You will always be cherished here.


  1. Truly magnificent!!! Thank you for remembering, and bringing such visual joy to such a magnificent doll - and the images are full of love, too!!!

    1. Thank you, dear friend, for remind me that it was time with your spectacular Tommy Doll entry and for always keeping Miss Wentworth glowing brightly.

  2. Tyler's fashions are always so exquisite, on of the best fashion dolls in her size ever made! Great pictures as always!

    1. Thank you, I agree. Golden Age of Tonner beautiful.

  3. I've never seen this post. It's beautiful.

  4. Congratulations on this beautiful tribute to Tyler Wentworth, and her creator Robert Tonner. And what a lovely reference to Tom Courtney, who kept his love of dolls in front and in focus for us all to enjoy. 😍💕