Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Under The Tree

What will be under the tree? Many children, past and present, have toyed with the idea of waking up on Christmas morning to find a much desired plaything under tree. "Santa Claus read my letter, he knew what I really wanted!" - exclaimed many a child or child at heart. The echo of such expressions of happiness may still heard by the kind of heart. To celebrate the holidays, Dolldom brings an exclusive portfolio of possible Christmas morning scenes spanning the decades.

May your child, real offspring or the one nurtured inside your soul, enjoy the delight of a new doll on this wonderful time of the year.

"Zippy the Chimp" by Cosmopolitan may have been a much desired playmate the Christmas of 1957.

 Perhaps a sailor "Mickey" by Effanbee also in 1957?

Dolldom goes farther into the woods of time. A rare set of composition wolves by Freundlich, circa 1941, begs for a Little Red Riding Hood doll to keep them company.

This vinyl Patsyette, made by Tonner owned Effanbee in 2004, could have also delighted a child in 1934  in her original composition incarnation.

Daisy, by Jung Hee Park, made children's eyes sparkle in 2011.

The classic film A Christmas Story is all about getting a much desired toy. In the case of Ralphie, it is a BB gun. Doll by Tonner Doll circa 2012.

Licca and Wataru graced many a tree in 1967! These reproduction dolls wear INOMI and MforMonkey fashions.

Vogue's Brikette! The impish red headed gal, circa 1959, must have been quite a sight under the tree. Remembered by many as Talking Tina from The Twilight Zone, the doll does enjoy good popularity.

American Character's 14-inch Betsy McCall was the doll to dream about in 1958. She still is!

What about a Troll doll? They were all the rage for many years in the 1960's. This one by Daum, has a soft mohair wig and tortoise shell eyes.

In 1937, this Effanbee Charlie McCarthy composition ventriloquist doll was a sight to behold! His Renwall doll dates back to 1952.

The Flying Nun!  Sally Field's adorable character in doll form, created by Hasbro, dates back to 1967.

What about 2014? Well, for good little children, there may be a tiny and a micro porcelain Myling dolls by Katarina Carlsson's Hemligast line of handmade dolls.

Dolldom wishes you a Christmas filled with the wonder of childhood's reverie.


  1. Such a wonderful post! You have a beautiful collection of vintage toys! I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful Christmas, and everything you wish for under the tree :-).

  2. Dear Night Owl, so glad that you enjoyed the trip to Toyland. All the very best for 2015.

  3. What a beautiful set of photos Ernesto...Brikette is so cute! Merry Christmas from the all girls here at Pink Bubbles!


    1. Dear Bobby! All the very best to you and the girls! Soon in Dolldom all the Bubble Cuts that went to Pink Bubbles. Finally photographed.

  4. Merry Christmas, Ernesto! What a delightful collection! I'm astounded, amused and tickled pink with your wonderful dolls, toys and fantastic holiday decorations! You inspire me with every photo! Hugs, Megin

    1. Merry Xmas, dear Megin! Thank you for visiting. Hope to see your Zippy in photos soon.