Monday, August 31, 2015

En noir

Classic hue. Solemn. Impacting. Absolute. Black. For some the only choice. Dolldom begins September 2015 exploring the depths of the color of night with a photo portfolio featuring some of the moment's most desirable supermodels: JAMIEshow's Sofia and Marlena, Tonner's Marley Wentworth, and Mel Odom's "Black Lipstick" Gene Marshall as produced by the groundbreaking JAMIEshow.

Marlena! In net and sequins as envisioned by Liz Cole for Retros, Marlena models a beehive wig by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

Glamour unending

Marley Wentworth is all grown up. She has quite the penchant for vintage looks and chooses Gene Marshall's "Little Black Dress" designed by Tim Kennedy and a cap by REMCO for Dr. John Littlechap.

Marley strikes a pose.

Sofia! An LBD of immense beauty and lasting power by Madeleine Rose Couture for JAMIEshow.

Molto bella! Sofia wears a blonde "Claudette" rooted wigcap by JAMIEshow.
Grand finale....

Mel Odom's ultra glamorous "Black Lipstick" Gene Marshall as produced by JAMIEshow is resplendent in Sofia's "On Michigan Avenue" organza embroidered dress and a Sofia wigcap in grey.