Saturday, February 4, 2017

3-D Wigstock

Joey Versaw's Mary Magpie, the very first 3-D printed fashion doll, invited Dolldom to her wig shop. Mary is known for always being perfectly groomed and for being the only fashion model in the world whose hair stays in place during photo sessions. For her wigs, like her, are 3-D printed too and hand painted by Mr. Versaw to complement the specific make-up palette of his dolls.

Dolldom was in awe of the displays. Marta Wigstand models a Waves wig in sunny blonde.

A Magpie wigstand wears a classic Bob in black.

This Bettie wig in Mr. Versaw's signature yellow blonde tempted Mary so much that she decided to model it.

Mary is a blonde!

The Bettie wig in a deep red wine shade is the definition of seductive.

Mary modeled the style in a deep dark chocolate...

and then in a milk chocolate shade.

But then there was blue! Indigo blue!

And Mary modeled it too.

As we exited we noticed yet another wonderful style beckoning us to return to Mary Magpie's wig shop very soon.

To acquire your very own Mary Magpie doll and a wardrobe of 3-D printed wigs, visit her beautiful boutique. 

Mary Magpie wears jewelry by Joy Jarred's fabulous line Exsyntrik.

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