Saturday, January 28, 2017


The Barbie doll is the undeniable icon of the fashion doll world. Since her inception in 1959, she has been transforming and adapting, changing and modifying in order to reflect the zeitgeist of the times. But Robert Best's Barbie Fashion Model Collection is perhaps the line that most beautifully morphs the past and the present. The sacrosanct Silkstone body is now re-energized with articulation and in 2017, Classic Black Dress Brunette Barbie makes her appearance as the first offering of the year. With beautifully smooth and well finished seams, the articulated Silkstone doll is a treat for collectors.

In this Dolldom exclusive, Classic Black Dress Brunette Barbie goes from chic fashionista to classic mannequin de mode, circa 1947, in the also-designed-by Robert-Best 1997 tribute to Christian Dior's "Bar Suit".  For, ladies and gentlemen, there is one truly timeless doll and her name is Barbie.


  1. what are your thoughts on the new bodies?

  2. They are fun and a new take on the Silkstone dolls. That said, I find it puzzling that the articulation does not allow for a hand on hip pose. The very first Silkstone "Delphine" was issued with such a pose. Still, I think it's the company;s way of keeping the line fresh and going on for a while longer.