Sunday, December 13, 2020


In 1963 American Character's Tressy doll brought forth a cornucopia of hairstyling options with her unique "hair that grows" feature. Every new look yielded transformation. And every transformation yielded a new iteration of Tressy. Kids were enthralled. 

Not to be outdone, the Barbie doll, ever transformative, appeared in toy store shelves as Fashion Queen Barbie: one doll, three wigs, unending style options.  The rest is history - fashion doll history- and an ever lasting imprint in vintage dollectors' minds was forever etched. 

In wigs by Yatabazah (and one by Monique Trading!) and a silvery chainmail dress by Lotus Dolls Boutique, a very 1960s Fabiola of Hollywood, by Mike Buess, follows her vintage friend's path in a most luxurious way. 

This is Fabiola's Wigstock!

"Mai Fun Ta" is an orange delight with its hyperbolic flip.

"Electric Rose" gives Fabiola the hue of science-fiction summer berries. 

"Lolota-Lola-Lolita" provides height and substance when arriving and leaving. 

"Blossom" is a Monique Trading staple. Style and lacquered, it's also a protective helmet. 

"Cucu-Lala" is a titian pixie style with a statement black bow. 

"La banane à la moutarde" is all about yellow! Not blonde, but yellow!

"Marthe" is a sedate style, one of Yatabazah's signature looks. 

"Boom!" is a wig of sequins. For there are days when only sequins will do. Boom!

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