Saturday, September 3, 2022

Becoming Takeshi

The art of sculpting (be it via the artful manipulation of clay or the visually entrancing digital equivalent) is the foundation for the creation of a doll. These days, dollectors enjoy unprecedented diversity as doll producers - from Mattel to indie designers - offer faces and bodies to represent our evolving understanding and appreciation of the human race.
Paul Pham, creator of NuminaDoll, is a sculptor extraordinaire with a gift for capturing the essence of a character. His dolls defy conventions as he explores types of beauty often overlooked. And his gift extends to the realm of dolls representing male anatomy.

Two years ago, Pham introduced a new character named Ang, a beautiful depiction of a young man with Asian heritage. Dolldom immediately jumped at the opportunity to add Ang to its collection of NuminaDoll. Not surprisingly, Ang created a stir modeling a wide range of fashions, from Hakama pants by JAMIEshow to non-binary dresses by HvalaDolls.

Ang 2020

Still, a desire remained among Dolldom's editors to have a more mature Asian male character. A conversation with Pham about re-sculpting the mouth and redoing the face-up, accompanied by many inspirational photos, led to another beautiful OOAK creation. And so, Ang became Takeshi.

Pham's incredible talent transformed the athletic youngster into a smoldering hunk. For his first Dolldom entry, Takeshi wears a coat by Ayal Armon and slacks and boots by NuminaDoll. His wig is also by NuminaDoll.

Takeshi 2022