Monday, September 19, 2022

Disco at the Pity Party

The title of this entry may sound complicated, but it's not! It's all about new fab doll intros!

Joey Versaw introduces a new character from The Daffodolly's Band and her name is Disco!

"Debut Disco"

Disco is the fun loving drummer of “The Daffodolly’s “ and Meadow's best friend from childhood. She comes in a color saturated bell sleeve stage dress, “Mua!” necklace, and a truly fab wig with hand painted headband to match her dress. 

Debut Disco is a limited edition of 20.

It’s Meadow's Birthday but Irma (Meadow's frenemy) has intentionally delayed bandmate Kirby and Meadow is beside herself. Real friend Disco turns up to try to cheer the forlorn birthday girl. Meadow comes with party dress, black "Taylor" wig, and birthday invitations. 

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