Tuesday, January 11, 2022

It's Meadow!

The world of fashion dolls is ready for a new gal and her name is Meadow. Her proud dad, Joey Versaw gives us the scoop:

"Welcome to the far out world of The Daffodollys! A groovy new band that has already skyrocketed to the top of the charts with their new single “ Cant Fight the Groove”, consists of of four outta-site members: Meadow (lead vocals), Lark (drums), Disco (tambourine), and Kirby (Guitar).

Our first inside scoop is none other than Meadow our sweet hep songbird! We caught her on the set of their latest music video sporting three dynamic new looks “Sun Bound” features Meadow with platinum hair, extra hairpiece, powder blue eye shadow, two-piece graphic swimsuit, and a terry wrap to keep her dry and fashionable; “Clover Meadows” offers green hair, hair piece, brown and green eye shadow, orange lips, and a sweet little halter mini dress showing off those famous mile long gams!; last but certainly not least we have “Rêveur de Cheveux” boasting a hard capped wig in orange-red, green eye shadow, red lips, necklace, and a swingin' two-piece fashion straight out of French Vogue!"

Let's meet Meadow!

“Sun Bound”

“Clover Meadows”

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