Saturday, January 29, 2022

An Absolute Essential

The Little Black Dress 

Because there's nothing little about it, the connotation of the first modifier of this sartorial formula directs us to the concept of essentiality. Black, freed from past connotations of dictated mourning wear, conveys strength and definition. Absorbing all the colors in the visible light spectrum, black is not a color but a mood, a mindset, an attitude. Black is essential, for it allows the silhouette to stand out or disappear, depending on the surroundings. In either case, it is the character of the wearer that is featured, as if underlined. 

In this late January entry, a determined black dress, designed by Bryan Hopper, offers options galore to Virtual Doll Convention's Grace Marie Fitzpatrick. Made to be worn in two manners, this gem, along with its compact purse, elegant fascinator, and lariat-style silver chain belt-necklace, proves to be a trustworthy companion.

Virtual Doll Convention's Grace Boutique

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