Monday, November 21, 2022

It's Lark!

Joey Versaw introduces a new character of his much awaited The Daffodollys music band and her name is Lark. Lark Emerald Witch to be exact. Lew, as she is called by her dear friend Meadow, is the principal songwriter for the band and her lyrics are groovy. 

Lark has always been a mysterious girl and her friends never question how or why she appears to be purple at times. They just enjoy hanging out with her cause she's boss! 

Lark is a limited numbered edition of 50 and may be ordered either in white or purple skin tone. Her mini dress is outta sight and her hard sculpted wig may be worn two different ways to change her look! Lark stands approximately 11 1/2 inches and wears most small busted doll fashions. 

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