Thursday, December 22, 2022

Dolldom's Holiday Wish Book

Evoking pleasant moments of holidays past is a worthwhile endeavor for any dollector seeking a little comfort and joy. And for many, one of those sweet memories is pouring over the pages of a Sears Wish Book. From Barbie to Matt Mason, those glorious pages promised the latest from Toyland to all children who had been relatively good throughout the year. 

This year, Dolldom aims to relive the fantasy with a beautiful selection of dolls and clothing, many of them by independent doll and toymakers. How lucky are we these days to be able to enjoy not only mass market but also uniquely designed and ultra limited offerings? Plenty!

Platinum Power

My Choice Momoko from 2019 by Petworks in a vintage store find.

Let's Go Wild!
Lark (Lark Emerald Witch) by Joey Versaw is ready for the cold in Francie doll's "Wild Bunch" 

Blue Christmas
A Castle exclusive Licca-chan with blue hair wears Endangered Sissy

La vie MOD
Prototype Black Meadow by Joey Versaw rocks Francie doll's "Floating In"

Visions of Sugarplums

Golden Gal
The utterly fabulous Fanfan by Nav Sikand goes to meet Anouk in a sensational hand beaded mini by LizRetros

A vintage Goro-chan by Takara gives us a lesson in style in his F-A-B jumper by the gorgeous Endangered Cissy

Monster of Love
Joey Versaw's Piewhacket revives our love for the world of Trolls.

A prototype 16-inch Ludy Laminous by Julian S. Kalinowski takes our breath away in a silk dress by  D.A.E. Originals.

Santa's Helpers
2-inch 3-D printed and hand painted Troglyns by Joey Versaw are at the ready! Will they appear inside your stocking?

Famille heureuse
Holiday family portrait: a treasured collection of mignonette Myling dolls by Katarina Karsberg embodies the mysterious magic of the doll. 

Christmas 1954
Vintage holiday style: Vivian the Miniquin by D.A.E. Originals gives good face in a OOAK gown, also by D.A.E. Originals. 

A New Fashion Queen
Gorgeous Tallulah by Joey Versaw is regal in Marirose Couture's cocktail dress. 

Shinning Star
Sylvain prototype by Julian Kalinowski defines holiday glow in Clare's Couture brocaded pantsuit. 

May you and yours enjoy this holiday season in good health and peace. 

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