Friday, April 15, 2011

Gentleman and Gentle Soul

Bill Cunningham is one of those human beings who could easily inhabit Dolldom. This modern day Peter Pan is the best illustration of the individual who lives to play and is lucky to be "in the flow" for most of his waking life. For Bill Cunnigham lives to play in the same pure way that children get to work when they engage in creative activities.
The documentary "Bill Cunningham New York", by Richard Press, offers a delightful opportunity to meet the iconoclastic Cunnigham who has devoted his life to documenting the real life of fashion in the streets of New York. Getting to know this creative force of nature gives Dolldom reason to believe that there are other kindred spirits in this world who channel their intellectual and artistic energies into the examination of how the human race employs fashion to express its sense of self. Bill Cunningham is an anthropologist, an objective commentator who gives The New York Times readers the most accurate report on the pulse of fashion.

In one of its most touching moments, the documentary delves into Cunningham's personal life to reveal the essence of an individual whose clear sense of integrity, mission, and focus serves as an example to us all.

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