Saturday, April 2, 2011

Madame's Girl Wonder

Madame Alexander's Cissette doll, first introduced in 1957, continues to delight collectors. Vintage issues are the most desirable, yet there is still much charm to be discovered in a "Portrette" doll that uses the classic Cissette sculpt. Some of these "Portrette" darlings are found deshabillées in auction sites, begging to be redressed and styled. Once adopted, they shine in the spotlight.

Liz Cole of Retros designed a glamorous trio of fashions for this Dolldom exclusive to show that Cissette, like many other great classic characters of the fashion doll world, remains au courrant and exciting, all she needs is the right dollector.

Cherry print cotton skirt and a knit top create a stylish day dress. A vintage straw hat and a Barbie doll necklace add texture and more graphic interest. Blue pup by Liz Cole.
Polka dots! In a blue, yellow, white and black palette, the playful skirt is paired with a cotton knit blouse. Necklace by DAE Originals for the Vivian doll. 

To end the fashion show, Liz concocted one of her signature sparkly dresses for Cissette's 10-inch height. Black gloves also by Liz and a black pearl necklace from Integrity's Violet Waters finish off this timeless evening style. Sunglasses, cigarette package and miniature cigarette also by Liz Cole for Retros.

Go ahead, adopt a Cissette and take part of her fabulous little world of fashion. 

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  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I want to buy every abandoned Cissette I see and dress her well!