Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Bounty

Just as summer starts to wind down and the prospect of fall becomes ever present in the morning air, Good Old Summertime Amber by Wilde Imagination takes us back to the pleasant sensations of a summer picnic. Good Old Summertime Amber immediately caught the eye of Dolldom's editors with it's 1930's style flower print dress, raven bob, and piercing blue eyes framed in lush black eyelashes. The straw hat adds a touch of Mary Emmerling to this sophisticated gal - not to mention a necessary respite from the harsh sun rays.

Amber is a sensational sculpt. Ellowyne's beautifully serene face with a hint of smile betrays her mood swing syndrome. Amber's pout, on the other hand, does not hide her attitude. Even in the midst of a peaceful secret garden with friendly insects and petrified birds, Ellowyne's nemesis still has an air of temperamental volatility.  But such is the world of Ellowyne Wilde.

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