Sunday, November 24, 2013

Basic Luxury

Gene Marshall, the doll star that brought back freedom of play to adult fashion doll collectors, once again goes basic. The basic, as opposed to the dressed doll, is meant to be dressed and redressed, wigged, and yes, even repainted. Dolldom is happy to welcome JAMIEshow's White Orchid Gene Marshall. Mel Odom's Gene doll's return (thank you,  Norma Desmond) in resin allows the entire fashion doll world, once again, to enjoy play.

In this exclusive feature,  White Orchid Gene Marshall is a true-to-form basic doll and transforms via dress and wig to exemplify, not only the beautiful essence of the fashion doll, but also the sheer exquisiteness of a truly luxurious doll.

Mel Odom and JAMIEshow's approach is wise - not one of the three Gene Marshall dolls issues so far (Phoenix, J'adore, and now White Orchid) have the same exact visage. Subtle differences make each issue unique. In the case of White Orchid, the right glancing gaze immediately calls attention. An evocative sky blue eyeshadow adorns the upper eyelid and a very subtle transparent wash covers the brow bone. Yet, more eye-catching is the change in lip shape, as White Orchid boasts what Dolldom would qualify as the ultimate Gene Marshall pout. Haughty? Perhaps. Different? Sure. Dramatic? Absolutely! To illustrate the point, Dolldom asked Miss Marshall to model several well-known fashions and costumes produced by Ashton-Drake and infuse new life into these classics. Clearly, the hard cap wigs of Italian artist Ilaria Mazzoni of Time of Doll, make these transformations much more dramatic.

Dolldom commends Mel Odom and JAMIEShow for offering basic doll luxury with White Orchid.

In "Stolen Moments", designed by José Ferrand, and Ilaria Mazzoni's blonde pompadour, White Orchid gives Barbara Stanwick a run for the money.

Friendly Connection? Yes. In this George Sarofeen design, White Orchid is mannequin de mode supreme.

Screen test. White Orchid poses for the camera in "Afternoon Off", designed by Doug James.

Time of Doll's perky Louise Brook's bob allows Miss Marshall to incarnate Joan of Arc in "Spirit of Truth", designed by Eryn Machnica.

Gala Gal. The mythical "Holiday Magic" ensemble is the perfect vehicle for White Orchid to test hairstyles for several upcoming projects. In Time of Doll's "Red Waves", she is simply spectacular.

 In JAMIEshow's pale blonde wigcap, as restyled by Kathy Johnson, she is positively a Hitchcock heroine.

In Phoenix's updo wigcap, White Orchid reveals her haughty pout.

In Time of Doll's "Curls on Cascade", it's all about unabashed glamour.

In Time of Doll's raven beehive, White Orchid cuts an imposing figure.


  1. These are incredible, Ernesto - each one is a delight to see!

  2. I adore these photos! The background lets the dolls shine and each is composed to perfection. The ne plus ultra of your compositions so far.

  3. I meant to comment earlier! I absolutely adore the Spirit of Truth photo!!! They are all perfection, indeed!!!!♥