Saturday, November 9, 2013

Titian Titans

ti·tian adjective, often capitalized \ˈti-shən\
Definition of TITIAN : of a brownish-orange color
Origin of TITIAN
Titian (Tiziano Vecellio)
First Known Use: 1892
From The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A head of red hair evokes fire and passion. And thanks to Titian and Botticelli, the hair color is part of the cannons of Western art. Italian artist Ilaria Mazzoni, pays homage to the masters with two hard cap wig creations featuring the spirited hue, modeled by Mel Odom's Gene Marshall, as produced by JAMIEshow.

Curls on Cascade is based on a coiffure worn by Rita Hayworth.

Vivacious style perfect for 1940s styles.

Red Waves is an elegant coiffure based on a Théâtre de la Mode mannequin. 

Elegant and classic.

For more on artist Ilaria Mazzoni, visit Time of Doll.


  1. Real glam ! The Rita version is really amazing !
    Renaissance Italy had the upper hand on colors in Art and in natural cosmetics... See Venetian blond (this time it wasn't henna but saffron & lemon then sun exposure that was used to obtain the desired red highlights)...

  2. Beautiful wigs, Gene looks stunning with both styles, her complexion is perfect for the colour.