Monday, December 16, 2013

Hair Heaven

Sometimes, a doll needs a master's touch. Factory styles may have the best intentions, but execution may leave a bit to be desired. From scale to flyaway strands, the factory style may in fact be the kiss of death for a potential superstar.

Kathy Johnson's fame as stylist to the stars reached Dolldom's ears and through a bit of networking, her magic fingers came to save a bevy of models that had lingered uncelebrated due to their mess of tress.

In this exclusive, Dolldom celebrates the elegant hairstyle as envisioned by Kathy Johnson. A paragon of scale and painstaking attention to detail, this fashion staple has every curl perfectly formed and every chignon tightly gathered. If a mythical star asks for a more elaborate vision, this one too will delightfully soothe the most acutely affected obsessive-compulsive. Such is the talent of Mrs. Johnson.

With not a single strand out of place,  Kathy Johnson's tours de force are bound to redefine hairstyling standards for many collectors.

Jeweled Cat Madra Lord is the quintessential mannequin de mode in the signature Kathy Johnson chignon with curl. Is there anything that she cannot model?

A bouquet of platinum curls substitutes the chignon in this delicate style for Lone Star Convention Gene Marshall lingerie doll. The epitome of femininity.

Viva Italia! Chi è la bella donna?

It's Fringe Festival Ivy Jordan in a versatile style that will take her from cappuccino to Campari effortlessly. Dress and Enid Collins bag by Retros.

The Jamieshow wigcap receives the Kathy Johnson treatment. Inspired by Vertigo's Madeline Elster's famous style, this platinum wonder transforms White Orchid Gene from brunette vamp to angelic ingenue.

Marlene? Yes, the Goddess herself!

Kathy Johnson's styled Madame Alexander's Shanghai Express' model in the mythical star's late 50s look. Brava!

The show closes with Tawny Gene Marshall. The suntanned star sports the signature curl and chignon style. We ask our readers to consider her utter chic: the sporty look of sun kissed skin plays foil to the classic chignon in a deliciously unexpected mix. Earrings by Joy Jarred.

Visit Kathy Johnson for more of her stylish creativity.


  1. FAN-TASTICO, Ernesto!!! "With not a single strand out of place" Absolutely!!!!! My favorites are Jewel and Fringe {but Madra and Ivy are sorta my favorites, anyway!}

  2. Absolutely stunning hair. Who did the restyles?