Monday, December 23, 2013


'Tis the season! Dolldom celebrates once again the magic of winter with an exclusive portfolio of special moments that can only take place during many of the season's celebrations. Dolls, toys, and beloved Christmas tree ornaments all hold a place of honor all around the home. 

To melt the frost...

"Phoenix" Gene Marshall by Jamieshow models an exclusive design by Vince Nowell, a gift from Dolldom friend Travis Kaller. Her coiffure is a hard cap wig by Italian artist Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

SFBJ 301 reproduction Bleuette made by Raven Dolls in Seattle, WA, wears a reproduction dress by Global to visit Santa's Village.

Santa on the Moon! Happy little guy (a reproduction by Back Porch Friends) basks in the light of early morning.

A portrait with her new old doll. "Just Another Dreary Day" Agnes (restyled hair) wears "Stone Cold" to show us her beloved baby.

Vintage Japanese Elf makes a safe landing.

When the weather outside is frightful...

A golden gown is the perfect way to warm the room. A OOAK Mary Magpie (the first digitally-printed fashion doll) by Joey Versaw models a Luke Wilmoth reproduction of a Japanese market Francie doll gown.

Come on to my house! High above a vintage goose feather tree lives an elf...

Snowflakes, falling...

Little Snowflake Princess. Mary Magpie in the new 6 1/6-inch size is a most delicate miniature that shows the artistry and vision of her creator, Joey Versaw. The Dawn-by-Topper-sized doll has molded Mary Jane shoes and many options of tiny digitally-printed wigs to change her look. Dress by Liz Cole for Retros.

Winter Elegance. A Vintage American Girl Barbie doll wears "Pak" satin separates in baby pink and silver glitter.

Her wintery make-up features full buttercream lips, a look only reserved for some dolls from 1964-1966.

Happy snowman (reproduction cotton batting ornament by Back Porch Friends) swings the morning away.

Mountain High!

Mel Odom's White Orchid Gene Marshall, produced by Jamieshow, and Trent Osborn pose on the set of the much anticipated comedy Ski and Sky wearing outfits produced by Ashton Drake.

New Year's Eve! To welcome 2014, a 7 1/2-inch Hong Kong Lilli and her companion wear Retros by Liz Cole.

To evoke the festive spirit of the holiday season, Katana by Superdoll models a Retros day dress and jewelry by Joy Jarred.

Sunny and cold. Just perfect for Mrs. Frosty.

Judy and Libby Littlechap are ready for a winter stroll in the woods in their colorful coats. Dolls and outfits manufactured by  Remco, circa 1962.

Sartorial masterpiece. Trent Osborn defines New Year's Eve masculine elegance.

Gala Gown! The best galas are enjoyed in the Land of Make Believe. Silkstone Barbie Fashion Model designed by Robert Best arrives at the ball as a promise of Spring.

All That Glitters. A vintage Number Three Ponytail Barbie wears the festive "Dinner at 8" ensemble, designed by Charlotte Johnson, to accompany Ken (in Saturday Night Date) to Midge's tree decorating party.

A pretty little dog celebrates her second Christmas!

This winter extravaganza ends with Tyler Wentworth in a vintage-inspired gown by James Bogue and jewelry by Vince Tibavido.

May you and yours enjoy the magic of winter.


  1. Absolutely beautiful work! Your Trent shot is out of this world; really captures the era he is supposed to represent.

    1. Thank you, Dave. Trent is a great model to photograph.