Thursday, December 26, 2013

Something About Mary

2013 saw the debut of Mary Magpie, the very first digitally printed fashion doll created by artist Joey Versaw. Dolldom, always in the pursuit of the handmade and of the retro-inspired, was immediately smitten with this bodacious babe that comes out of a printer. How could we not? Not only can she wear Mr. Versaw's creations, she is also the perfect model for vintage Barbie clothing. And in so doing, Mary Magpie brings a new way to interpret the creations of the ever beloved Charlotte Johnson.

For this Dolldom end-of-year exclusive, three different Mary Mapie models wear sheaths - one of the staples in vintage Barbie doll's closet.

Mary's expressive sculpt and Mr.Versaw's always inspired face painting give the world of fashion dolls a genuinely original vision and a real sense of direction with new freedom to choose your basic model's make-up and wigs.

Blue Moon Mary Magpie with dark chocolate Bettie wig wears jewelry by Joy Jarred and a recycled fur stole by Liz Cole.

Purely Platinum Mary Magpie transforms (and is queen of haughty) in a coal noir Bettie wig. The arched eyebrows have it.

A Eurasian Mary Magpie? Absolutely! Dolldom could not do without an Anna May Wong-inspired Mary Magpie doll! Mr. Versaw's precise hand gave her pencil thin arched eyebrows and the sexiest pout to date. Her coal noir bob wig is minimal and so elegant. Perfect doll. Forever doll.

Mary Wong models a classic black organza cocktail sheath by Bogue's Vogues and a purple cherry pearl bracelet by Joy Jarred.

Red delights and makes mouths water. Marirose's mastery comes across loud and clear in this revision of vintage Barbie's "Pak" silk sheath.

Vintage Barbie Golden Girl's sheath is found easily these days. Why not redress your Mary Magpie in this jewel of a dress? The Japanese fabric is heavy and luxurious and the tiny zipper is a miniature miracle. Add a recycled fur stole by Retros and pearls and champagne diamond necklace by Joy Jarred and voilà you have perfection in doll medium.

For more on Mary Magpie, visit her at Mary Magpie. Better yet, join in the many collectors who have welcomed Mary to their collections and visit her store. Then join the Mary Magpie community on Facebook.  Have fun with Mary Magpie!


  1. LOVE her ... she is everything I want to be ... Anna May Wong, Bettie P and a Russ Meyer movie rolled into one!

  2. Thank you, Doll-Scum, for your fab comment.