Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Legacy of A Fashion Queen

It was 1963 when Mattel issued the Fashion Queen Barbie doll in a fabulous gold lame swimsuit and turban set. Most shocking was the sculpted head of brown hair that begged to be covered with any of the three synthetic fiber wigs that came with the playful new model. We at Dolldom love to see these distinguished fashion icons wearing the turban and the ingenious swimming cap issued with Miss Barbie in 1964. Why? The wigs, although fun, when improperly styled, can make a woman look, well, fake.
Today, ladies enjoy the luxury of natural fiber wigs that come from animals such as humans or goats. Yatabazah, peruquier to the stars of Dolldom, knows very well that fit and scale can make or break the deal. As Persia Idols Habanita and Carla show us, the right wig not only enhances but also allows the woman to change her identity in order to meet the exigencies of real life.
Habanita au naturel
Habanita and Carla model an Alexandre de Paris wig most commonly seen on Dheei.
Although beautiful,  the scale, shall we confess, can be overpowering. 
 Now in Yatabazah's human hair Mensonge...
Habanita wows us...
and Carla makes us salivate.
In Yatabazah's baby mohair wonder,
Habanita reigns supreme, 
and Carla owns the place.
The lingering question for us all now is: How would a Fashion Queen Barbie look in Yatabazah?

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