Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MforMonkey Designs for Wataru Tachibana

Licca Chan's boyfriend, the ever-dashing Wataru Tachibana, was in dire need of a new wardrobe to enjoy his summer advetures. So he hopped on his plane and went to Barcelona to get the very best in fashions for the elegant young man. María Yepes, designer of the fab label MforMonkey, created a superbly tailored set of four mix and match pieces that gives Wataru sartorial options galore.

Wataru wears MforMonkey's plaid Bermuda short and black cotton shirt. The hat is vintage Premiere for Ken.

Wataru enjoys the high quality of these sur mesure garments made with exactitude and flair by the super friendly and accommodating María.
 The black cotton shirt is paired with black and a baby blue tweed pair of slacks for evenings of casual fun.

Mad Men style. In his vintage Premier straw hat and Dragons in Dreams aviator sunglasses, Wataru combines his slacks with a baby blue cotton shirt with comfortable short sleeves.  

Bermuda elegance! Thanks to MforMonkey, Wataru wears a 1960's styled set that looks masculine and well-groomed at all times of day. Tammy's camera is a must for photographing the sites. Reading glasses are vintage Judy Littlechap.

We at Dolldom salute this young Argentinean designer and hope to see more of her designs modeled by other denizens of this magical realm.



  1. What size is this doll? He is so cute.

  2. Hello Terri, He is all of 8-and-something-inches, I do not think he gets to be 9-inches tall.