Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March of Dames

March beings at Dolldom with a celebration of the handmade beauty of the Séverine doll. Painted by hand, her hair hand styled, and her fashions handmade, the Séverine doll is a very couture creation.

First off - The Sév Files!
There have been reports of alien sightings. Séverine's lips are sealed. Suffice it to say that her dress by Liz Cole for Retros is sufficient documentation on Séverine's encounter of the third kind.

Then there is The High Priestess. Dressed for a ceremonial procession in a terrific gown by Rosina Haskell, Séverine's expression reveals her spiritual connections to higher powers.

We close the show with a golden touch: La Bionda. Séverine sports golden tresses and a gold and orange (what an intoxicating palette) cocktail dress by Debbie Farne Sang. Necklace by VJT Desingns.

For more information on Séverine, visit her boutique.

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