Saturday, July 19, 2014

Operation: Action Hero

What to do when the man doll arrives with a factory flaw? A rubbed spot from paint not yet dry. Find someone with an airbrush? Or go bold and have the man doll flocked à la Action Man and G.I. Joe? Dolldom chose the later to impart a "Men's Club" Trent Osborn doll (from the very last Gene Convention hosted by Integrity Toys) with the vigor and life force required to excel as Monolithic Studios man's man.

The idea of giving Trent a full head of flocked hair is not new as at the aforementioned convention, Alain Tremblay, marketing wiz at Integrity Toys, created a limited (ninety-one) number of Trent Osborn dolls flocked by him. Named "A Man's Do," the dolls were only available for purchase at Mr. Tremblay's flocking seminar at the Gene Marshall 15th Anniversary Celebration Convention in June 2010.

Mr. Tremblay went all out and did what is know in the business as electro-static flocking. No flat glued-on flocked fibers for Trent, no! Mr. Tremblay gave Trent the look of vintage G.I. Joe - fresh out of the box and a signed certificate of authenticity. Sadly, Integrity Toys does not produce Mel Odom's Gene Marshall anymore. What to do?

Ray Cairo of Flock Concepts is the man to go in the USA for professional electro-static flocking. Although primarily serving the G.I. Joe/Action Man community of collectors, Mr. Cairo also accepts commissions for other types of action figures that are in need of hair help.

Dolldom wishes to thank Mr. Cairo for his professionalism, incredibly fast turnover, and exacting hand. Thanks to Flock Concepts, Trent Osborn is able to escape a life of cap and hat wearing and be a full-fledged action hero type!

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