Saturday, July 5, 2014

What If?

What if Mattel had...? 

Vintage Barbie collectors often dream of having a magic lamp just so that they may go back in time and implore Ruth Handler or Charlotte Johnson to please consider making... And if we listed every vintage Barbie doll and fashion ever dreamed, the list would never end.

Although we are still waiting for the creation of H.G. Well's time machine in order to realize the previous desire, it is still possible, thanks to the talents of many a gifted artist, to enjoy the beauty of....

A Color Magic Skipper....

Who, along with her Color Magic sister, goes to an enchanting evening ball in beautiful-because-they-are non-matching-gowns yet still be color coordinated and make sure that no one doubts that they are the fairest ones of all!

Dolldom darling Sylvia Campbell creates a sensational green silk satin beaded wonder following the pattern and design of the Japanese exclusive soft pink gown.

Skipper gives new life to one of Barbie's vintage originals, fitted to her little girl figure by the talented e-Bay seller cvcbarbie. Skipper's Color Magic face-up, flip and decorative braided headband are the masterful achievements of Gilly Gals.

There you go dreamers of what-if-Mattel-had! Sometimes wishes do come true!

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