Monday, June 30, 2014

A New Life

Cissette! Cissette? Cissette. 

The ten-inch Madame Alexander Doll Company tiny star has been working steadily since 1957. Vintage models aside, there is a slew of hard plastic babes floating around the world of closets and garages dressed in fashions that range from ballooning lace flower girl creations to exacting recreations of a famous literary or movie characters. Easy to find and to acquire 1980's Cissette and Portrette dolls (with their twinkling sleep eyes that sometimes freeze and require the gentle nudge of a finger to open or close) deserve to be saved from their unfortunate state of limbo and be given a proper glamorous and beautiful life.

But where to find the fashions that will allow Cissette to lead the aforementioned existence? Who in the world of freelance doll artists understands the needs and the potential of this tiny glam puss? Liz Cole of Retros, of course. For this Dolldom exclusive, Liz created a vintage-inspired yet revolutionary wardrobe that combines quality of fabric and construction and the sense of humor that a doll like Cissette needs in order to shine brightly in the real of fashion dolls.

Flower Girl. When properly done, there is nothing wrong with wearing the color of flowers or a tulle over magenta silk cocktail dress. When the proportions are correct, Cissette is no longer a lace and tulle balloon. She's a sophisticate. 

Starlet Power. This is not the way this doll was meant to look. She was a sedate "Little Woman" who is now ready to rule the 1950s Hollywood scene in her slinky and sparkly Lurex gown and recycled mink (from a vintage human coat) stole. Bold gold chain by Joy Jarred. Sunglasses are vintage original. Her sandals are from the Tiny Kitty Collier line of dolls.

Satinée. In emerald silk satin brocade, Cissette cuts a very luxurious yet traditional figure. The pillbox is pure 1960s...

But behold what occurs when she takes of her enveloping coat! A figure hugging silk dress with waist corsage gives Cissette a different outlook on life. Bring out the canapés!


There are times when Cissette's professional life (the preceding photos depict Cissette enjoying her hours of leisure) call for a more sober take on the same design. In a beautiful wool tweed, the A-line coat is perfect for meetings to plan the next issue of a magazine or to defend unjustly accused dolls in court.

A green-grey silk dress cut with a longer hem spells elegance and fashion know-how.

Lace, You Say? Yes, lace. There is a way to do lace that will not offend the senses. And here you have it. Based on a vintage design, this new version features a lace over silk jacket and black shantung slacks.

Flapper? In her own way. This 1920's Flapper model turns into a major fashion maven in her red and black separates. The skirt exemplifies Retros' philosophy that nothing made today beats a witty vintage print. A black Lurex top and red silk turban are absolute necessities if the goal of the doll is to be fabulous.

Boy Magnet! Cissette can and will (if you give her the opportunity) turn heads at your next doll party! Visit Retros' sensational boutique and give your less-than-twenty-dollar-e-Bay-find a new life of fun.  White tuxedos also by Retros.


  1. Thank you for creating the fantastic wardrobe!

  2. FABULOUS ! As always ! xo

    1. Thank you! I saw Cissette on your blog wearing Retros too and now see what you've done? Cissette fever!

  3. Liz and Ernesto!!! You have outdone yourselves with this adorable combo of dolly and outfits! TOOO Cute!!!

    1. Thank you, Megin! I agree that Liz's vision can make a hidden gem like Cissette shine.