Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dial "M" for Madra

When Mabel Lorkovic left Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she knew she would never return. And she was right for once in Hollywood that name disappeared. And Madra Lord was born. And the world of movies was never the same. Artist Mel Odom's hot-tempered character first appeared in the doll world in 2000 and has since been an overflowing source of drama in the world of Gene Marshall.

And most dollectors, regardless of their generation, enjoy good drama. And nothing beats good drama like the return (never comeback, please!) of beloved characters. Mel Odom's Gene Marshall who, after a brief hiatus, came back better than ever in her JAMIEshow iteration, could not remain alone in her reign as the ultimate iteration of Monolithic Studios' greatest star. For what fun is a solo game of chess? For veritable dramatic tension, the plot needed a proven Queen B, and no one fit the bill better than fierce beauty Madra Lord. For La Lord is back in translucent resin as a ball-jointed doll and in her iconic fiery red tresses in her "Spotted in Manhattan" fashion!

JAMIEshow's production doll (a limited edition of only 150 dolls) is as beautifully handcrafted as the other dolls in the line and offers the same versatility: change the wig and fashion and the doll transforms. Miss Lord's face-up, created by JAMIEshow with the direction of Mr. Odom, is specific to the character but still neutral enough to permit the actress to wear any color.

In this exclusive feature, Dolldom presents Madra Lord in a wide selection of styles: from the well-accessorized Ashton-Drake produced ensembles to the sassy magic of Retros, La Lord reigns supreme once again.

In the film Hesitations of the Heart, Madra plays an introverted heiress who fears the her fortune will never allow her to find true love. 

Her wardrobe was designed by Edith Head protegé James Bogue for Bogue's Vogues. Phoenix platinum wig cap restyled by Kathy Johnson.

The Lady and The Spider. The film Black Widow was a huge success for Madra in 1942. In a dramatic silver and black gown designed by Joan Greene and Lynne Day, Miss Lord gives her all as the villain of the film.  Both wigs are rooted wig caps by JAMIEshow.

Careful! Her beauty may very well destroy you!

Plaid Plan. Madra is seductress supreme in her Highland Fling gown.

This phenomenal look, designed by Tim Kennedy, was much copied during 1952's Christmas season.

Drama! The film Love's Hell received much publicity when a boudoir scene ordered cut by The Hayes Office appeared during a showing in a Whichita, Kansas theater that mistakenly received the only unedited reels of the film. Much has been said about Madra's déshabillée, designed by Lynne Day.


Halloween Time! Madra attends Monolithic Studios' party disguised as - she says-  Tallulah Bankhead. For it was said actress who inspired the character of Margot Channing, played by Bette Davis in the film All About Eve. Recycled mink coat by Liz Cole for Retros. Wig by Ilaria Mazzoni.

Happy Talk? Not really. When the girls get together for cocktails at Madra's Bel Air hide-away, one can be sure that dirt will be dished. Madra wears Anything But Nice, designed by Lynne Day, while Marlene (Dietrich, of course) wears separates from Fit for a Queen, also by Miss Day. Miss Crawford wears a recreation of her practice outfit in Torch Song by Liz Cole for Retros. And Gay Carrington in the back keeping silent, also wears Retros.Wig by Ilaria Mazzoni.

Off to meet Gloria Swanson on Fifth Avenue! In Retros, of course. Liz fashioned an enveloping A-line coat in animal print velvet and a mint green silk sheath belted with the same fabric as the coat.

The important necklace of fresh water pearls and ruby is by Joy Jarred. Wig by Ilaria Mazzoni.

I'm so pretty! In Tonner Doll Company's pleated chiffon gown from the Joan Crawford line, Madra makes quite an entrance at The Red and White Ball benefiting war relief efforts by The Red Cross. Wig by Ilaria Mazzoni.

The movie was to be named The Dawn of She . And Madra was to play the first cave woman sex-pot. But the project ended up being nixed at the last minute. One Million Years B.C. with Rachel Welch upped the ante in a big way.

Nonetheless, Madra got to keep the wardrobe by Joshard. She knew that such figure-hugging marvels were not a dime-a-dozen. Bracelets by Stray Cat Studios. Wig by Ilaria Mazzoni.

At the end of the day, after long hours of shooting,  Madra just wishes to relax at home with her special someone. In Black Calla, produced by Integrity Toys, the actress-turned-bartender prepares a stiff one with the very best gin. Havana Nights Lee by JAMIEshow, in Effanbee's Basil St. James' Shall We Dance tux seems to be feeling the delicious libation.

For more on Madra, visit her at JAMIEshow Dolls.


  1. Thank you! And what fab bars she has. By Darren Cole for Retros.

  2. Wonderful job as always; your styling is impeccable!

  3. So gorgeous, Ernesto! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Megin

  4. Stunning as always, and so creative with the backstory, too.

    1. Many thanks, Bree! I'm happy you also enjoy the words. Gene is so much about the story and being able to add to that is fun.