Saturday, February 20, 2016


Joey Versaw created the first 3-D printed fashion doll, Mary Magpie. A character based on Mr. Versaw's drawings, Miss Magpie brought forth innovation and a style firmly rooted in vintage traditions. Mr. Versww has continued to expand her world by designing and creating male and female fiends and offering very small editions of them via his Etsy store and Haute Doll magazine. 
Dolldom is honored to introduce the newest member of the family! Her name is Flannery and she is a limited of 25 pieces and is available for pre-ordering now. Most collectors seek immediate gratification - the want to purchase the doll and have him or her in 48 hours. But before you reach that conclusion consider this: pre-ordering means that your Flannery doll with be customized to your own specifications as she will be made with your selection of body type - from Mary classic va-voom pin-up girl bod articulated at the neck, arms and hips or or with the fully articulated one that also offers options: smaller busted torso to fit smaller busted clothing such as Model Muse or the classic bust which fit the full figured Barbie doll clothing from 1959-99. Moreover, you also decide her skin tone! From 1950s pale skin to a rich café au lait.

Most amazing is Flannery's wig - another first in the fashion doll world. Not only is it 3-D printed it is also reversible. So one wig is really two, giving your Flannery doll attitude adjustment with the turn of the cap.

In this exclusive portfolio, two Flannery dolls - one Caucasian and one African American model a Bogue's Vogue dress and BFMC jewelry. It's a sweet homage to vintage style.

Welcome Flannery!  

Flannery's story as written by Mr. Versaw: "Flannery is shy but a force to be reckoned with. A girl's best friend and ally - but don't step on this girls toes. Her dream is to become a librarian (she jokes) but she is the head buyer for the worlds leading department store and close gal pals with Miss Mary Magpie."

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  1. Gorgeous Doll and Breathtaking Photos! Such a Beautiful New Creation!