Thursday, February 25, 2016

Afternoon Walk

Gum is one of Joey Versaw's many characters. When Dolldom first met Gum, Mr. Versaw was introducing his First Love line of male dolls and Gum was one of the members of the group. Dolldom's editors agreed that Gum had an uncanny resemblance to Fred Astaire. How could we not like him? A  3-D printed doll that evokes the ultimate form of male elegance is not a common occurrence.

For this late February entry, Gum models separates taken from several fashions designed for Fashion Royalty's male dolls. His boots are by Dragons in Dreams and his glasses are vintage Takara.  In his "Gable" wig, Gum is both classic yet modern, and of course sexy.

For more on Gum and his friends, visit Mr. Versaw's workshop - it's a place where creative freedom reigns supreme and high quality hand painted dolls are offered to discerning collectors.

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