Friday, January 31, 2014

Soul Searching

What to be? Who to become? Do we even have the freedom to decide? Or is it destiny? Essential questions with which many - if not all fashion dolls- have to struggle. Am I the identity that was adjudicated at the moment of sketch or do I enjoy the freedom to seek my own? Katana by Superdoll came to Dolldom with her existential dilemma and we were all happy to support. For you see, Katana is a high fashion doll. A modern high fashion doll. And as much as Dolldom loves high fashion, we tend to move away from modern and edgy. So Katana, a beautifully arresting sculpt with a nose bridge of hyperbolic length, exquisitely deep philtrum, and seductive slanted eyes, embarked on a journey of soul searching. Who am I?

In Retros' Hawaiiana jumpsuit with palazzo pants, Katana starts to connect with her vintage self. Necklace by VJT Designs.

Perhaps a more mysterious approach in electric blue (also by Retros) will suit her silvery braided tresses better?

Katana is still not convinced. She poses beautifully, though, in the midst of her conundrum.

Country music maven? The Retros' day dress is surely unique, but is it really Katana? Necklace by Joy Jarred.

Who am I? Really, qui suis-je?

Perhaps a late 1960's fashion plate in Retros' salmon and gold brocade? Breathtaking she is, but still not her true self.

Reflecting. Delving deeply into her being to find her essence.

Et voilà.

In a stroke of genius, Katana slips into Superdoll's black-as-night silk satin separates and JAMIEshow's black sunglasses.

Katana becomes Tante Katana, beloved aunt to Viktor and Agnes Dreary.

Now the children of Dreary Manor finally have proper guidance in important subjects like self realization and fashion.
But something tells us that Katana will continue her search, perhaps after realizing the potential of hair play...

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