Saturday, February 1, 2014

Francie's Finally Fabulous

Francie made her debut in Silkstone in 2011. Dolldom cheered the return of the Barbie doll's cousin to the fabulous world of the Barbie Fashion Model Collection.

The new body sculpt retains the original doll's measurements with enhanced detailing of her hands and feet, so it's easy to welcome a Silkstone Francie to your collection and have her model fashions from the fab mid 1960s or any of the superb creations available from many gifted freelance designers. Even her chair, handmade by Maryann Roy, illustrates the wealth of offerings of which our dolls may partake these days.

For this exclusive portfolio, Kitty Corner Francie went to Pink Bubbles Spa to have her hair styled. The operation performed by the professionals at Pink Bubbles achieved the look that the prototype doll has but that was not achieved in production. Dolldom wonders out loud why hairstyles these days seldom attain the level of precision and respect to scale that was the standard when Barbie was manufactured in Japan. But we digress, for this is all about Francie being finally fabulous.

In Monsieur Z's Flaunt It fashion, a white enamel cuff bracelet, mood ring by Joy Jarred, and her newly styled flip, Miss Fairchild gives Dolldom a little bit of Youthquake fun! Enjoy!

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  1. This dress reminds me of an American Express Gold Card dress worn/created by Lizzy Gardiner. Any connection, inspiration there?