Sunday, February 23, 2014

Celebrity Sighting

One of the funnest activities when in Old Hollywood (a place in time that one can visit often thanks to Gene Marshall and her Monolithic Studios friends) is to spot movie stars as they go about doing what they do in their glamorous fantasy lives. 

On a sunny day back in the days when class and style reigned supreme, Mel Odom's Miss Gene Marshall (Phoenix model produced by JAMIEshow) was spotted at the Museum of Fashion Arts and Sciences suited in a Christian Dior design, circa 1951. The suit was first modeled by Gene pal, Ivy Jordan in her Moss Rose incarnation produced by Integrity Toys. With a chinois hat by Liz Cole for Retros, earrings by Nicole Kartio, and a Barbie Fashion Model Collection diamond pin, Miss M gave it a fresh interpretation. So much, that many of the other attendees could not help but admire her fashion sense from behind their very dark sunglasses.


  1. Everybody looks so awesome, Ernesto!!!! I wish I could see better, she in the baby blue & black!!!

  2. Thank you, Byanca! The one in baby blue and navy is a Tonner Joan Crawford doll. I'll look for her and profile soon.