Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bunny Treats

The Easter Bunny is one of childhood's constant threats. As evidenced in this series of wonderful vintage photos provided by Dolldom favorite Dave Duffy, there's nothing like a fake bunny to create a lasting impression.

But there are ther ways to impress one's little ones this time of year. Instead of the traditional bunny, Dolldom proposes a dotting aunt bearing an over-the-top basket full of sugar laden, cavity forming Easter Sunday goodness. In this exclusive portfolio, BFMC Luncheon Ensemble Barbie doll portrays an ever-so-fabulous-Auntie-Mame-type who drops in to define Easter chic.

Robert Best's tribute to the ladies who lunch wears an English rose garden chintz puff-sleeve dress belted at the waist with tiny bows at each shoulder.

The coordinating swing coat adds as much drama as the solid old-rose pink turban.

Her lush garden necklace and earrings are by Joy Jarred. Barbie's bar by Darren Cole for Retros. Her Easter basket was a gift given to Dolldom by Deborah Lilliard of Spicyfyre Creations.


  1. Hello from Spain: the Easter bunny always creates fear in children. I really like your photos of Barbie and Easter basket .. Keep in touch

  2. Thank you, Marta. ¡Feliz Pascua!

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