Sunday, March 3, 2013

Do You Like My Hair II: Queen of The World

Coins, just like scandals, have two sides. Likewise, a woman has the prerogative to have, at the very least, two facets to her personality in order to captivate by surprise. In our last entry, we waxed poetic about the virtues of the earthquake-proof rubber wig made by American Character for the Popi pop-apart fashion doll. And as much as our stylists enjoyed styling that shoot, Dolldom could not resist expanding its examination of the age-old question: "Do you like my hair?" For hair (rubbery or otherwise) is the essence of fashion fun.

For this exclusive feature, Dolldom profiles the work of Queen of the World wigs. Based in Montreal, Queen of the World, an über-glam hair studio for flesh and blood women, crafts handmade doll wigs in the most glamorous silhouettes and mouthwatering colors. These celebratory perruques exude joie de vivre and impart an aura of vintage-style glamour.

Princess Patty Fantasia Candelabra, Dolldom's exclusive model and Wonderbilly girl, behaved like the proverbial child in the candy store when she arrived to pose for our photographer. As the exclusive photo portfolio proves, Princess Patty Fantasia is, without doubt, queen of the fashion world in these vivacious celebrations of color and style. Beaded blouse created by Juliette Wharton for Dangerous Dames.

Modèle Il était une fois à Versailles is a delicate inspiration in super soft mohair. Turquoise silk bows add more of a coquettish touch.

Modèle Hay Fever features a savory mustard color and tiny frosted glass marguerites.

Modèle Bedrock à Go-Go evokes the luscious cotton candy of summer county fairs gone by. The petit half bone decoration invites pleasant repartée. 

Modèlde La Mariposa Maravillosa is a fantasy of pale blond mohair highlighted by an intertwined lilac strand and baby blue silk bows. An ideal wig for the Easter Parade down Fifth Avenue.

Modèle Bolshoi Bang is a cordovan tour de force that doubles as a hat. For who doesn't love an accessory that multi-tasks?

Modèle Bloom Boom exemplifies sempiternal 1960s chic. Tiny frosted glass posies rest on a luscious strawberry blonde bubble.

Modèle Pourpre de Tyr is a superb rendition of soft waves in a most regal color. Definitely fit for queen.


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    1. Thank you, Jaël for your comments. The maker of the wigs is very gifted.

  2. Hello from Spain: interesting hairstyles. The pictures are very elegant. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you, Marta! Glad that you like them. All the best.

  3. Ernesto, I love your entries! They are so poetic!

  4. Fantastic! Thank you for the smiles! XXOO, Megin

  5. Gorgeous wigs! The color ones are fantastic!