Thursday, August 11, 2022

Redefining Being

The current dialogue concerning fashion, patriarchal traditions and the expression of the self fascinates Dolldom. And it is in the realm of ball-jointed dolls where the exchange of ideas is robust and energetic, perhaps due to the extent to which doll sculptors are realizing their visions of human beauty.

Doll Menagerie MarmiteSue exemplifies the trend. Although offered as female and male presenting, the denizens of Elli Effenberger's realm implicitly invite us to explore what constitutes fashion at a time when evolved mindsets about gender expression push for a redefinition.

Three MarmiteSue characters, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus (Baby iteration), model styles based on three ideals: comfort, practicality, and glamour. Dolldom believes that all dolls (and human beings for that matter) should enjoy the pleasures of sartorial decoration as they define it: paillette-encrusted illusion netting, 1940's tailored pin-striped slacks with suspenders, combat boots, or a silvery silk vest, for example. The point is to be as you wish to be in both your personal as well as professional lives while partaking of the best that fashion has to offer. It's not feminine, it's not masculine: it's just you.

In an early fall look, Saturn rocks a metallic silk vest and jersey knit tights designed by Tyler Wentworth for her "Urban Sport" ensemble.  A feathered fez from Tonner Doll Company's Théâtre de la Mode "Fleurs du Mal" replaces the usual knit cap. Boots by NuminaDoll. 

Fifth and Biggest
Jupiter loves the classic styling of these high-waisted, pin-striped trousers as the suspenders enhance the vintage feel. A jersey knit turtleneck and a hyperbolic houndstooth wool scarf bring practicality to the cool weather look. Trousers by Ashton-Drake for Mel Odom's Trent Osborn. Turtleneck and scarf by Tyler Wentworth. Wig by NuminaDoll. Shoes by Paul Zhangby on e-Bay.

Your Fire and Your Desire
Venus (Baby iteration) goes minimalist in this elevation of the ubiquitous T-shirt and jeans. The T-shirt is replaced by an illusion netting body suit embroidered with lace appliqués and black paillettes. VDC's Grace Boutique provides the democratic pants in black leatherette. Combat boots by JAMIEshow Doll made for Mel Odom's Trent Osborn. Wig by NuminaDoll. 

Face-up designs by Steos Studios
Thank you to lynlovesdollcollecting for making the adoption of this trio possible.

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