Tuesday, August 2, 2022

All Creatures Great and Small

As a child, Joey Versaw had a huge fascination with troll dolls. To him they were different and magical! Versaw explains: "They were me! In all of the ways I felt I did not fit into the restraints of society, for some strange reason I felt free and in a peaceful place when I played with a troll doll."

Years later, Versaw finds himself going back to the roots of what made him the individual that he is today. He still holds on to his very first troll dolls being the only things that have survived his life journey from childhood. It's only logical that as a doll artist and toy designer, Versaw found himself wanting to recreate these beloved childhood creatures maintaining the nostalgic feel but updating them just enough to bring in his style and creative ideas. And it all starts with the name: Troglyns

               Illustration by Branimagination

Versaw describes the first of two Troglyn offerings, Sea Trolls: “Deep down in the depths of the sea, tiny sea trolls dance and swim free. Each little troll is as different as can be! Just like you! & just like me!” Available in both female and male presenting. Each Sea Troll will come to you with a stand and a comb. The Sea Trolls are frozen Charlotte style, except that having  a ball jointed neck, the head can swivel. They will be available to be customized with your choice of hair color, eye color, and tail color. Also available as a separate accessory is their adorable friend Mr. Neigh, the seahorse."

The second offering is called Earth Trolls. Versaw elaborates: “Oh how we dance and how we sing, nothing but joy are we here to bring! So put on the music and that smile on your face, for when you visit us you bring magic to your place!” Available in both female and male presenting. These little 3-inch trolls are articulated at the neck, shoulders, and hips. Each troll will come with a comb and clothing patterns so you can make your own easy felt clothing for them! They will be available to customize with your choice of hair and eye colors."

Dolldom is delighted to get to know these fun friends from imaginary forests and seas. For more information and to preorder, visit Versaw's website. Two more offerings will be debuting later in October! 


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